Buffalo Gal and Bluebirds

Connections made through blogging with the right attitude can make a difference in your life. When I first began to blog, I told Far Guy, I just needed to write for the grand kids, so that they would know more about me someday if they cared to read my drivel. ( Someday when they are much older and more interested.) I also said that I would keep it real, and the truth as I know it or as I recall it. It had to be that way, for me. I was a blog reader before I became a blogger. Buffalo Gal the woman that inspired me to blog in the first place has become a friend. She might be a tad older than I am, but she is a very talented writer, I enjoy her style, and her stories! She has made me laugh and yes, she has made me cry too. She and her best friend whom she also just happens to be married to, visited with us on Friday afternoon. She knew I was going to be the real me, no makeup, no fancy outfit or shoes, I didn’t thoroughly clean the house..but I did straighten up a bit. I did not weed my very wild naturally weedy perennial gardens. I like being me, and she is comfortable with that..thank goodness.

Buffalo Gal had never watched Bluebirds in the wild. Our set of Bluebirds seemed like such a small thing to share, so we invited them over, the Bluebirds busily kept feeding their babies while we feasted on homemade Buffalo Gal Rhubarb Custard Pie! I do appreciate a freshly baked pie, especially the first rhubarb of the season. She did share her pie crust secret with me..so in case I ever decide to bake a pie I will be prepared.

We had a lovely visit. I so enjoy their company, this would never have been possible..except for the fact that we are both "real" bloggers..my what you read is what you get attitude gained me a new friend. Let me tell you now- a- days everyone needs as many friends as they can get. This was the second time we have met, we are looking forward to a get together at their place on the Buffalo Bluff later in the summer. She reports that Chance is just as special in person as he is on my blog. I knew he would like her, he thought she was a wonderful ball thrower!

The blogging community, should you ever decide to join it, is a very interesting way to make new friends. That may seem foreign to some of the readers..but I know the bloggers understand! If you are lucky enough to actually meet a fellow blogger face to face, and still like each other your life will be just a little richer, and if they bake a great pie, that is an added bonus:)


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6 Responses to Buffalo Gal and Bluebirds

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    I’ve met a couple of people and enjoyed every minute of it. Blogging is a good way to make friends, especially those who don’t have expectations of you.

    I want rhubarb custard pie too!

  2. farside says:

    Prairie Woman, I think we should plan something..for who ever is interested here at Area Voices..wouldn’t that be fun..a pot luck picnic..we could meet at one of those covered shelters at Lindenwood..an evening get together..are you game?? I am sure we can talk B gal into more pie!!
    Who else is interested?? Peace Garden Mama? Highlight of My Day? Keeping an Open Mind? Kari? Logan? Billy Bones? I am sure I can talk East Side into it. A weekday evening!
    If someone closer to Fargo could pick a shelter #, and come up with a date??
    I do make a pretty good potato salad! Leave me a comment! :)

  3. Abra La Mente says:

    I would so love that…as long as I have enough notice to ask for some time off or switch my hours about–it’s about a 3 1/2 hour drive, but I love road trips. 😉 My work schedule is varied, so sometimes I can flex it, as long as I don’t have committed meetings/trainings. Keep me posted.

  4. Kay Syvrud says:

    A BLOG PICNIC! YES!!!! I would love to come to Lindenwood Park or any other park in Fargo for a Blogger Picnic with potluck supper. And I would happily make some more rhubarb pies if we can pull this off before the 4th of July when you are not supposed to pick anymore rhubarb (advice given by daughter of western ND immigrants and rancher family) I am going to freeze fresh pickings of rhubarb so I should have enough for rhubarb custard pies!!!!

  5. Kay Syvrud says:

    P.S. I would happily share my piecrust recipe too if we have a picnic!!!

  6. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Great! The date is set June 23, a Tuesday 6PM Lindenwood..potluck. bring your own plates and silverware and beverages. :)

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