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Cotton Grass

One morning Far Guy and I were out early, we often take the short cut to the main highway. I love this road, you never can tell what you will see. Turkeys, deer..even that wolf years ago. The road skirts … Continue reading

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Party Weekend

It was a party weekend, Saturday was a two function day, first my Aunt and Uncle (my Mom’s brother) celebrated Fifty years of marriage, it was just a thirty mile trip. Their children put on quite a spread and we … Continue reading

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Quilting Cousins

I have some very talented cousins on my Dad’s side of the family. Once a month a few of my girl cousins get together, we take turns hosting. At one of the Fall get togethers we decide on a theme … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words : Chance

To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up. ~Oscar Wilde I caught Chance wandering through the daisies this week, this photo made me smile. Friday night date night went well, the movie Virtuality had an interesting … Continue reading

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Twin Lupines and Twin Thoughts

Recently in the very wild weedy gardens, a Lupine had twins. Of course I photographed them. They began as one bloom and then something happened probably during the bud development, and two flower stalks formed where one is the norm. … Continue reading

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Minnesota Lady’s Slipper Hillside

Yesterday, the phone rang, it was my brother, he said "The hillside is full of Lady Slippers today. You better get over there! " The sun was shining too much for good photographs, so I waited for some clouds to … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Far Guy’s Car

It was a 1959 Desoto Station Wagon, sea green although I called it mint green because it reminded me of the sickly green color of those square little mints that everyone used back them..they came in pink, white, green, maybe … Continue reading

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Virtuality: Erik with a K

Friday night Far Guy and I have a date, at 7PM Central Time we will be on the couch with the TV tuned to FOX. Far Guy is bringing the popcorn and I will grab some sodas. We will be … Continue reading

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Minnesota State Flower

The Minnesota State Flower is the Showy Lady’s Slipper. It is a native plant. It’s scientific name is Cypripedium reginae and it is in the Orchid family. This is the week to look for them along the ditches in our … Continue reading

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My Dad

My Dad is a very special man, he will be 83 years old later this year. He is very active and is happiest when he is sitting or working on some huge piece of construction machinery. He is retired but … Continue reading

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