What’s Bloomin’

The Yellow Ladyslippers (Cypripedium parviflorum) were a little shy this spring. These are Far Guy’s plants, it was his "wild idea" to grow them..he was successful. He has two bunches of them growing in what I now call the "Wildflower Gardens" a very wild weedy natural area. This year there were five blooms on one plant, and two on another.  This plant is native to Minnesota. We also have them growing along the back drive, but those bloom much later as they are in deep shade.

Show me your bloom..please.

Nope not today either..still hiding.

Finally! Slowpoke shy slippers anyway.

What else is blooming? The Trillium, no not a gorgeous thick bunch of them, but one very lonely Trillium growing along the edge of the woods. To tell you the truth, I appreciate this one small bloom every spring much more than if I had a whole forest full of them. If I had hundreds of them I would just take them for granted.

The Bleeding Hearts, no not the classic ones..instead..this little one with beautiful blue/green foliage. She is Dicentra exima..and she has a secret..if you water her and remove her spent flowers she will bloom all summer. If you are a lazy gardener like me, she will re seed all over..:)


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2 Responses to What’s Bloomin’

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    Your pictures are always so crisp and colorful! Are you getting used to your new camera, or do you still miss the old one? Would you recommend this camera?

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi Abra, Did you read my last comment over on your blog? I do like this camera, my old one was repaired by East Sides Hubby and Far Guys Camera Shop..it is now being used by a grandaughter. As with anything new, it takes time to get used to, so yes I would recommend it.. It is a Canon Powershot SX110 IS. :)

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