Wicked Wanda

Recently Far Guy encountered Wicked Wanda. She might just be summer help at the Pharmacy, she might be a Pharmacist..I have never met her in person. She just happened to answer the phone at the pharmacy. She wouldn’t like meeting me..ever.

Far Guy had an appointment with his GP. Since Dr B is a bit challenged with numbers sometimes, and can’t do math..prescriptions often end up for the wrong number of pills. Even if you send him a letter with all the math done for him..he can still mess it up. ( I have no idea how he made it through Medical School) His last mess up is our reason for this visit. This time I did the math for him while he wrote the prescriptions. I asked for the appropriate refills..Check..life is good with refills. I double check ALL the scripts..there are three. I hold them in my hot little hand all the way to the Pharmacy. Last winter Far Guy lost one between the Clinic and the Pharmacy, so he is no longer trusted with prescriptions. We wait an hour, finally a big bag of pills..we can survive for a few more days…RELIEF.. big sigh. I am actually smiling..gee that went well!! I didn’t even need my hatchet today, you see since Far Guy has Trigeminal Neuralgia, I am his advocate with a hatchet..I use it on insensitive people who make Far Guys constant unbearable pain worse. Since he needs medications(Tegretol and Neurontin) to survive the pain..prescriptions are very important..these pills are what keeps Far Guy with us.

On the way home, I notice that the bottles say "NO REFILLS" I see red.. I want to go back and rip them a new anus. It was a good thing that Far Guy was driving, If I had been in charge at that moment I would have made a U turn so fast my head would have spun totally around, I would have sped to the pharmacy and demanded that they print out new labels, double check their computer entry and print me out a signed and dated statement of their inability to perform simple tasks. Instead Far Guy just said "Calm down Sweetheart..I will give them a call." I have had it, someone is not doing their job. I only have two hands, I hold Far Guys hand all the time, then I have to hold the GPs hand too, and now the freaking pharmacist ? I DO NOT have any hands left. Someone has to let go..and soon.

Far Guy calls the Pharmacy, he has them check the script, they are sorry for the error, they will change it in their computer. SURE I have heard that before, who really trusts a computer anyway? I am really pissed by now.. Far Guy is polite. I am seething.. "What is her name? She better change it in the computer..there better not be another problem..last time we were 270 pills short..we better not be 540 pills short next time.. What was her name?? " Wanda..Wicked Wanda and Far Guy spoke to her at 3:02 PM on June 5. 2009. She better watch out too..I have a hatchet:(

Thanks for listening, I feel better now:)

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5 Responses to Wicked Wanda

  1. buffalogal says:

    I love your story and I LOVE your attitude! The world needs us…I have that kind of an attitude also toward people who do stupid things all the time. If everyone was calm and did not get out a hatchet think of what kind of mess we would be in???
    Reminds me of a T shirt I saw when I was still in the midst of Hormone Hell: “I Am Low On Estrogen…And I Have A Gun”

  2. East Side says:

    Mother! it is not polite to say anus in a blog… let alone ripping someone a new one!

    Go stand in the corner with both arms up and one leg up! Right Now, and wait until your father gets home because he is going to wash out your mouth with soap! I have had enough!

  3. PrairieWoman says:


  4. abra la mente says:

    Well, if they didn’t change it in the computer, it is now a matter of public record, and you have a whole bunch of readers to vouch for you. 😉

  5. HOMD says:

    A little rant now and then is healthy! Good for you!

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