Wistful Wednesday: Wedding Days 1994 and 1913

Our oldest daughter Trica shares a birthday with her Great Grandma A. She also shares a wedding day, June 18. Great Grandma ( Meady) died in 1990 at the age of 96, Trica was just 18 then, she had met her prospective husband in high school, but she did not date him until she was in College. They were married at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Trica and Dick 1994

Meady and Curt 1913

I will share what someone wrote in a Who’s Who column that I found taped to one of Meadys Photographs. It is unsigned, so I have no idea who wrote it.
Meady and Curt were schoolmates in the lower grades. Her family moved and she went to another school so didn’t see him very often until later years when she saw him every Sunday. Being a little late one Sunday evening, he took a short cut to her home. Dear Molly was pacing down the road in high gear when a skunk walked out and took the right of way and Curt had to turn back. For several months he had to walk until the rains washed the buggy wheels clean of that everlasting odor. They were married June 18, 1913 at the Congregational Church in Park Rapids, Minnesota.
I had nothing to do with choosing the wedding date, Trica was 22 years old by then. However Far Guys Mom was just thrilled that her oldest Granddaughter would be married on her parents wedding day. Two women born 79 years apart..sharing the same date on the calender for their wedding day, 81 years apart:)

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  1. East Side says:

    A very special coincidence…

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    What a special family story to be able to share!

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