Virtuality: Erik with a K

Friday night Far Guy and I have a date, at 7PM Central Time we will be on the couch with the TV tuned to FOX. Far Guy is bringing the popcorn and I will grab some sodas. We will be watching Virtuality. It is promoted as a SciFi Thriller..we will see. Far Guy is into SciFi way more than me, but in this instance..I will watch. One of the actors, Erik, was a regular at our house during his early childhood. Yes, I walked the floors with him when he was a cranky baby, and kissed his owies, and even sent him to the corner when he misbehaved. He was very dramatic even as a child, with sparkling mischievous eyes and beautiful eyelashes. It has been very fun for me over the years to watch him grow and mature as an actor, his very first television part was on the soap "One Life to Live" he played a nerdy college kid that ran around with a butterfly net. His voice is very distinctive to me, sometimes I will hear his voice in a commercial..and smile. Maybe this movie will be his big break and it will get picked up as a weekly series.. wouldn’t that be great!

In a recent email his Mom shared with me, he says "They even let me keep my beard" His name is Erik Jensen.. that is Erik with a K. He plays the character of Jules Braun in the movie Virtuality. In one of the promotional videos he was asked "What would you bring to space on a ten year journey?" He replied "My wife and my two dogs. "

What would you bring to space on a ten year journey? I of course would bring Far Guy, Chance and my Computer providing that I had an Internet Connection:)

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  1. abra la mente says:

    Very cool! You just never know what those little ones you are nurturing today will be tomorrow!

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