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Garden Party

I was invited to a Sunbonnet Garden Party. I couldn’t go, because I had no sunbonnet. Someone, who will remain nameless found me a sunbonnet to decorate, so I had no good excuse. I could have made something up of … Continue reading

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Meet The Milkweeds

I always look forward to the arrival of a few Monarch Butterflies, so they will lay some eggs on the Milkweed and we can have our own hatch back here in the woods. They were really slow to show up … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Relaxing

Today I picked a summertime photo of Far Guy’s Grandparents H. They are in their yard at the farm, sharing a spot on the old buckboard seat. I love that Grandpa has his arm threaded through Grandma’s arm, they are … Continue reading

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Gathering Berries

Raspberries! They used to be my second favorite..with Strawberries taking the lead. Then Strawberries had to bite the dust when I became allergic to them. It was them or I decided life without strawberries was OK. Sometimes during shortcake … Continue reading

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Yesterdays mystery brown bud belongs to Centaurea macrocephala! Surprise! It is yellow! This plant is also called Armenian Basketflower, or just plain old Basketflower, other common names are Yellow Hardhead, and Globe Knapweed. I love the way the bud looks … Continue reading

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Guess What?

OK let’s have a little fun today! Guess what kind of flower bud this is, if you have no idea..guess what color the flower will be? Tomorrow I will reveal the answer! It is a beautiful summer day here in … Continue reading

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Delphinium Tour Part Two

Stop One : My Mom’s Mom has a huge clump of mauve Pacific Giant Delphiniums. They were stunning this past week. Mom has a very large cage surrounding her Delphs. My parents are doing fine, although Dad tried to cut … Continue reading

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Midway Musings

The Fairgrounds at night, such was Far Guys wish this week. We enjoy the sights and sounds of the local Fairs, last night we went to the Otter Tail County Fair. We met some friends there and had a great … Continue reading

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Delphinium Tour

First Stop: My Wildflower Garden I really like Delphiniums, mine are pretty puny, well what did I water other than rain, no weeding, despite all their hardships out in the wildflower garden they are going to bloom. I do … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Uncle Andrew

My Dad had lots of older brothers, and two younger brothers. One of those younger brothers was my Uncle Andrew. He lived with us off and and on, he spoiled me, we played card games and went for ice cream, … Continue reading

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