I have never photographed Fireworks before, I used the tripod, West Side of Straight saved us a spot at a prime viewing site. Thanks Jo!  She has some parade photos over there, and some new baby photos!  :)

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5 Responses to Fireworks!

  1. buffgal says:

    That middle picture looks like a blooming flower!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    These are pretty great photos of fireworks, which is not easy to get clear pics of, so you did an excellent job for sure!

  3. HOMD says:

    I am impressed with your photography skills! It’s not easy to get fireworks pictures that vivid! Outstanding!

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Ditto. Outstanding job Far Side. I love these pictures.

  5. Roxie says:

    WOW!!! You are a pro!!Thanks for sharing.

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