Chance: The Pee-raid

Come on along to the pee-raid! A behind the scenes look!

Far Guy is on the All School Reunion Committee, the reunion will not take place until 2010. He volunteered to do some advertising. He ordered magnetic signs and borrowed a car from his Uncle. It was a 1969 Mustang convertible.

He found two likely candidates to ride with him, me and Far Side, everyone else turned him down. Some people just wanted to watch the parade..not be in it! It was hot, the black seats were great heat storage units. We waited as long as we could in the shade, outside of the car. Far Guy had never been in a parade before, Far Side was in Marching Band years ago, she said it would be the usual hurry up and wait event.

There were some famous people there, this guy who makes great french fries..


Now who is this? ?  Someone that the paparazzi at District 2B’s Representative Brita Sailer’s float in front of us went nuts over.

Our friend Ray… I think they liked his Uniform..It fit right in with their sailing theme. Far Guy says that Ray is a hero everytime he plays Taps at Military Funerals.

Finally it was our turn to join in the pee -raid. I growled and barked at other dogs a few times, but I looked appropriately handsome when small children hollered "Look at that doggie! " .. Where?? Where is that doggie.. I could never find him. I got bored in the back seat, I was on a leash, that was Far Side’s was the training collar.. she has more control of me that way. Women and control. I finally just crawled into her lap, all fifty-five pounds of me, now who is in control? When I stand in her lap, she can rest her chin on my is real cozy. She said between me and the Jack Pine savage wool cap she had on, and the black seats and the sunshine ..she was one huge hot flash. When we got to the end of the pee-raid we just kept on going..oh the feel of the wind in your hair..there is nothing quite like an afternoon spent in a convertible:)



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3 Responses to Chance: The Pee-raid

  1. buffalogal says:

    I have been pondering what a Pee Raid is for days now and I have finally had Chance translate it for me…you were in a big parade on Park Rapids?
    I bet is was hot….I would be one big hot flash too sitting in the sun for any length of time.
    I think you had fun though—–nice convertible!
    We had a 1965 Mustang way back when we had only two tiny boys to ride in the back seat. It was a beauty but it got rear ended in a blizzard the same year we got it.

  2. billybones says: that’s a car worth riding in.

  3. East Side says:

    It isn’t a 69… check again…

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