A Rare White Lady’s Slipper

Late Tuesday afternoon I called next door neighbour Jo to see if she wanted to go for one last look at the Lady Slippers. They are nearing the end of their blooming period. We headed west this time, we found several good stands, at the last place we stopped Jo hollered "Come look at this one, it is white!" Sometimes they fade in the sun and can look almost white. This one was different, it was a true blue "White Queen" or Cypripedium reginae forma albolabium. She was beautiful, Jo is a great explorer!

How rare is it? I am not sure, no one in Minnesota can tell me either. I did find out that they occur in just three locations in all of Ontario, Canada our neighbors to the north. I called the Minnesota State Botanist, Welby Smith, he must be out and about..because I am still waiting for him to return my call. I finally found his email address and sent him a photo..if that doesn’t get his interest nothing will. I do have some questions for him.. is this a true seedling variation? How often are they found in Minnesota and where?

The flower lesson for today.. Cypripedium is pronounced sip-rih-PEE-dee-um.. just in case you were wondering..rolls right off your tongue now doesn’t it:)

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5 Responses to A Rare White Lady’s Slipper

  1. buffalogal says:

    Is there such a thing as an “albino ladyslipper”?
    (just kidding)
    I have never heard of a white one though til now. You are a great source of flower and plant information as well as the great photos of them. Thanks.

  2. Shirley H. says:

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures of MN wildflowers and education about them. I have enjoyed this so much.

  3. Diane C says:

    I have seen white lady slippers before. They were in native prarie next to our pasture near Odessa Mn. I do know that the National Conservancy now owns the property. They are a beautiful flower and the stand there was quite large. There were more than 1 plant when I last saw them.

  4. Abra La Mente says:

    I have always been fond of the simple beauty of lady slippers. They are reminders of my childhood. Thanks for finding them and sharing their splendor.

  5. *debbi* says:

    The tags ‘rare Minnesota orchid’ and ‘the white queen’ are just as beautiful as lady slipper. Living in the desert southwest virtually all my life, these are so exotic and breathtaking. Thanks! I am a flower-lover and enjoy your posts, wildflower or nursery, one and all. *debbi*

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