Thursday Updates

The Blanket Flowers or Gaillardia are blooming, the new fawns don’t like them and neither does the Mommy deer..but holy cats did they do a number on my Daylilies and my Sedum..must have been a really tasty salad bar! We have not had a really good rain, unless I missed it, it is cool and dry. Probably one of the most cool and dry years for this part of Minnesota in a long time.

This afternoon I saw Far Guys Doctor, when I asked him if he wanted to be my Doctor..he said "sure." At least it was not "hell no." But not really a hello reputation may proceed me. I always try to advocate for the patient. I have to remind myself that these Doctors are all just "practicing" and we are "just" the guinea pigs. If you ask care in America really sucks.

The New Doctor, is fine. He says my breath sounds are good, he has no results, and took more blood tests. He said he "thinks" it was bronchitis or pneumonia, perhaps a left over bug from last winter when I had something similar, and never really got over it. Since he is not a idiot, he is reducing DR SHE DEVILS dosages of Prednisone..since I have gained eight pounds since leaving the hospital less than 48 hours ago. Eight pounds! On Water flavored with a little Crystal Light, some normal know like vegetables, salad, bananas, apples, cherries, baked potato, toast, a steak, some white corn chips and some salsa, and a half of a can of Coca -Cola. It must have been that handful of skittles that I had last night.. maybe there were eight of those little suckers and they weighed a pound a piece. Good heavens think of the weight gain if I had eaten some of Far Guys M and M’s!! I could be a really fat lady by the weekend. But a cheerful. fat, spunky lady, those steroids work wonders for my arthritis. They also make me a bit scatter brained and Far Guy says I am pinging off the walls, I am moving way to fast for him too. However Chance seems to enjoy it. The Pharmacist..was totally shocked when she saw me today..then she said..the antibiotic’s are working wonders, and that Prednisone is really working on you girl! I told her the Doctor reduced the dose, she said enjoy it while you can, I replied "Yes, I’ve got to get back home and organize or clean something." ..she just smiled. So I am doing great, busy, and scatterbrained but still great! I am trying to rest too! :)
The Dr. finally called with some Potassium is fine ( Bananas the perfect food) and my blood glucose level is perfect at 100..see told ya I was doing great! :) :)

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3 Responses to Thursday Updates

  1. East Side says:

    When will you stop pinging? You are making me tired. It is quiet time now…

  2. buffalo gal says:

    Pinging off the walls on prednisone? Reminds me of a song from Winnie the Pooh about “Tigger”…

    “bouncy, bouncy bouncy bouncy, fun.. fun.. fun… fun, fun!
    But the most wonderful thing about Farside….. (Tigger) is she’s the only one!

    Can I borrow some so I can get some housework done?

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    So glad you are doing well and back home checking on the deer and your garden. You don’t sound like you are resting by all the activity you described, but if you say you are getting rest, then okay.

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