Thirteen years ago today I became a Grandmother for the very first time, Savannah was born!! My Daughter welcomed her first born, I congratulated my first born, and my Mother congratulated her first born. Three first borns, my Mother is the first born girl in her family, she had an older brother.

When you are born first, you instantly become the eldest. The most responsible, the most relied on, and once you have younger siblings, your responsibilities increase. When you become a teenager, your responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming, you know that you should be a good role model..but sometimes you just have to be "you"! I have seen this teenage thing..from all sides.. except the side of the grandmother. I just might like it from my new view.

I woke with a little smile today, thinking..hello little girl, my first born .. you are now the parent of a teenager! I often referred to this day when she was a teen, "Just wait til you have a teenager of your very own, we will see what you think then!" Thirteen years ago I said , "Someday she will be a teenager, I can’t wait! " That day is finally here!

Savannah has delighted us since she was born, she is very sensitive, and sweet.

She is outgoing, and smart.. she has a rare talent for art. She is fun and has fun. She is a joy to have as a granddaughter, I thank God everyday for all my grands.. she is always first on the list because she is the eldest.

Thirteen, what a wonderful age..from here on in..until she is about 23..her Mother’s and Father’s life will never be the same again. Gone are the days of skinned knees, and kissing the bad owwies away. M and M’s will no longer gain you an instant smile. She used to run into our house, and head for her Grandpas office to have some "Yums" ..leaving her coat and shoes in her wake. After the "Yums" came the hugs and the kisses! At thirteen things change, not magically all at once… but slowly. Friends and peer pressure, BOYS, Make up, Music, School, .. it is an adventure! One that I am looking forward to with great anticipation, since the grandgirls are now age 13, 11, and 10.. I would guess that we will be done with this in another..say just about 13 years. Sure the boys will be teens too, but boys are different, I think? Having birthed only female children..I think that boys are easier and since the boys are 10 and 7.. they will probably recover from the teenage years WELL before the girls.

For my eldest daughter, I hope you are as patient with your teenagers as you were with your newborns. For my Granddaughter, have fun sweetie, stay safe and when in doubt call Grandpa!! When your Mom seems unreasonable, it is only because she loves you, she wants the very best for you… this will be very hard for you to believe at times.. but just ask Grandma:)

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2 Responses to Thirteen!!

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Lovely post! Nice photos. The baby photo is priceless. And the profile shot of your granddaughter is so pretty. May favorite photo is the one with all the generations of mothers.

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    What a beautiful Granddaughter you have. She looks like a real sweet girl. 😉

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