Midway Musings

The Fairgrounds at night, such was Far Guys wish this week. We enjoy the sights and sounds of the local Fairs, last night we went to the Otter Tail County Fair. We met some friends there and had a great visit. We chose to go on their preview night, and very late, because I wanted to take some night time photos. I took my tripod, and had a blast, not every shot was perfect. Toward the end of the night we practically had the Midway all to ourselves.. it was just perfect!

It is hard to capture the sounds of the midway, the generators humming in the background, children laughing, rock music playing, rides starting and stopping. Of course it is impossible to capture the smell of the freshly mowed grass that cushions your feet as you stroll down the Midway. It is a treat to just breathe in the smell of the food, the mini doughnuts, the corn dogs, cheese curds, french fries.. there were even deep fried snickers bars. I love the smell of popcorn..but there wasn’t any last night. I looked for a frozen chocolate covered banana, with or with out nuts, I am not picky. ..sadly none were found. I suppose I could make my own, some grocery stores sell them..but it just isn’t the same… neither is the Cotton Candy in the bags. I know it is easier, but I miss the artistic flare that they lent a midway, each one created by hand, fluffy blue or pink clouds..sometimes even purple! I used to watch a friend make them for hours, all decked out in a white apron, his white hat perched on his head just so. He would smile and talk to the kids as he spun his magic sugar, and then he would present it with a flourish.. he was a cotton candy artist. He loved that I was entertained by the small bits of sparkling sugar that spun off his machine taking flight in the waiting sunshine.


There are no photos of the Cheese Curds that I gobbled down, or Far Guys Hamburger and Fries. The Curds were fantastic..for $5.00 they should have been..I was going to break that down per curd..but was so taken in by their goodness, I couldn’t stop myself. So we will never know the per curd price. This particular "Curd Joint" ends up at The Great Minnesota Get Together known as the State Fair late in August. We have not been to the State Fair in years.

We ran into some road construction last night, we went cross country, Far Guy was a little lost. I am more familiar with the back roads in that area. We were detoured once on our way, so on the way back we took a different back road, I missed a turn..which was no big deal..except the Far Guy had no idea where in the world he was.

Chance stayed home last night, this fairgrounds has a no pet policy, it was just as well..he would have made himself right at home in this pool:)

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  1. remrafdn says:

    When we were farm boys, barely in our teens, a carbnival would come to town. My cousin would get suckered throwing balls at those cats or whatever they were. He would get 2 down and then they would sell him another ball for $1.00. 2-3 days pay earned throwing hay bales in the 80s and 90s would go down the toilet in minutes. I got suckered once myself. They played me like a trout. To this day, I HATE carnivals.

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