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Up North

We are Up North…someone was in a pickle with daycare. At ten and almost eight they are too little to stay by themselves. BUT they don’t require much care either. Basically they just need a warm body..and Far Guy and … Continue reading

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An Old Church

  There was an old church in our local town, it was built in 1887. It was a Baptist Church, what I recall about those Baptists is that they sang great songs and they went down to the lake every … Continue reading

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You know..those things you aren’t supposed to talk about.. Did you wear a garter belt to hold up your nylon stockings? I did, you can imagine my embarrassment when I was all dolled up and at a dance..and the long … Continue reading

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August Wildflowers

I  have been out taking photographs of Wildflowers, here is what is blooming lately.. Hedge bindweed or Convolvulus sepium, at first glace you think my what a beautiful bloom, then you may notice that it’s foliage is hopelessly wound around … Continue reading

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Shell Lake

A long time ago when I was a kid, on hot summer evenings our Mother would give into our pleas for a swim. Sometimes we would go to Shell the bend in the road where there are less weeds … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday : 1952

  Me in 1952! The Babee Tenda, a tip proof high chair play table on wheels. My Mother used it to corral me, I could play safely off of the drafty floor inside or outside out of the dirt and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Thoughts

Yesterday on the shores of Lake Beltaine, I watched a casket being lowered into the ground. I had never seen that before, sure you know it must eventually end up being lowered into the vault..but they actually did it during … Continue reading

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Bunker Hill

Saturday was the changing of the flags at Bunker Hill. Five and a half years ago, Bunker Hill was just a farm yard, on the edge of the prairie. Now it is a destination.. a place to stop and reflect … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words: Boom!

    Betcha can’t guess where I found this? Don’t be a party pooper, go ahead and guess:)

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A Thousand Words : Imagination

Someone had a marvelous imagination..I took this photo yesterday at the Lake Itasca Region Pioneers Farmers Show. Far Guy and I were both very impressed with this show, we walked til we were exhausted..and we will go back tomorrow to … Continue reading

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