Adventures With Chance: The Scoop on Poop

Hey! I get to guest blog again today! I am supposed to tell you all about calf poop…. Far Side says I must come clean. I guess every dog has his day.

It all began very innocently, I was visiting Hooch and Odda, they have some new calves in the pasture. Far Side and Jo were looking at flowers, so Far Side was occupied and not watching me as closely as she should have been. I wandered into the pasture..

I spied this.. and proceeded to have the time of my life rolling in calf pies…what fun..nose to the ground..first to the left then to the right..I did a really good job. I was so happy and great smelling, I ran to show Far Side but forgot about my big ole bushy tail that I wave like a flag. Then something strange happened..I was zapped..I yelped..that got Far Sides attention. I ran to the car…she said "Oh Chance, you are a mess." Then she laughed right out loud, "Got zapped by the electric fence..good enough, maybe that will teach you." I got no sympathy from her. I wanted to go home right then, but she grabbed me by the highly perfumed scruff of my neck and proceeded to walk me toward one of the barns with a hose. Steve came out and laughed..he asked what happened? Far Side said "He rolled in hog shit." Steve said "That is not hog shit, that is calf shit..there is a difference." Far Side said "Really?"

Far Side has lots of rules about poop, no rolling in deer poop..I have that rule down pat and I avoid deer poop every day. I am supposed to poop at the edge of the woods or in the woods..check. She even made Far Guy mow an area deep in the trees for me to fertilize to my hearts content…she calls it the pooping area. She has never ever mentioned calf poop before. How was I to know?

I had to endure a cold water wash, before I was allowed in the car..Odda was quite sympathetic..Jo and Steve were laughing..I think Hooch was hiding. Far Side handed her camera over to Jo..good thing too because as she sprayed me off..she got some calf poop on her too. She smelled wonderful! When we got home, I ran immediately to Far Guy..with my ears down but still wagging my big fluffy tail..he said "Oh my, what did you get into?" Far Side told on me..Far Guy said " Why weren’t you watching him closer?" Yah.. why wasn’t she watching me the entire time? It is all her fault. I got a double bath..that would be a shampooing twice. The next time I went up to the farm, I stayed in the car even though the car door was open. Yesterday when Far Side went up there, I stayed right by her side..she did a really good job of watching me, the sights and smells of the farm are so delicious..but I just looked at those calves..and I stayed away from their wicked zappy fence and their beautiful smelling calf pies:)

Chance and Hooch on August 01, 2009

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3 Responses to Adventures With Chance: The Scoop on Poop

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    It’s fun hearing the adventure from Chance’s perspective. Good thing Chance has a loving family to clean and show love and appreciation for being such a good dog.

  2. buffalogal says:

    Well Chancey-Boy—at least you did NOT eat the poop like our Border Collie Mac did when he was alive and well……he loved to eat sheep poop from a pile behind our barn and he got in trouble for doing it too. Nice bath picture. How do you like the cold water treatment?

  3. PrairieWoman says:

    Oh, Chance! You silly, dog. :-)

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