Field Day

The local Antique Tractor and Engine Club had their Field Days over the weekend. Far Guy and I decided that we would give it a whirl. They were supposed to have lots of demonstrations, and a giant swap meet/flea market area..and good food.

The only demonstration they had was threshing..

They had a very nice collection of Case tractors.

In typical small town fashion..the hype was just that.. the giant swap meet was three that was selling CDs. The bratwurst that I ordered for lunch was inedible. Far Guy tried a bite of it was prepared just tasted really bad, disgustingly bad. I was going to take it back to the kitchen, Far Guy asked me not too. So I didn’t ..I told him FINE..I will just blog about it then. I told him, that obviously no one in the kitchen had tasted the brats. Quality control was dead and gone..probably due to bad brats. There was some um-pa-pa music at the lunch stand. A few silver hairs without canes or walkers were lady must have had a bad foot as she had two different kinds of shoes on..either that or she wore the other same exact pair out. One black shoe, one brown and tan. I should have taken a photo.

This Tractor Club doesn’t quite have their act together. Far Guy says their focus is the Tractors and Engines. I say fine and dandy..but without demonstrations and good food do you expect to draw a crowd from year to year. I can only look at tractors for so long.. and I do appreciate tractors..I can only imagine that a true citified gal would be bored to tears. I asked why the demonstrations were not ongoing.. I was told that the Tractor Parade was more important. I didn’t get to see the corn shelling machine shell corn.. I think that is what it does.

I would have liked to have seen the gas powered washing machine work.. I did get to hear that one run out on the front porch of the Farm House. I am sure in it’s day it was an improvement..but it was really noisy. I went into the Mercantile Store where there was supposed to be ladies crafts and found a bad garage sale. BUT I could have purchased leftover Field Day buttons from the past sixteen years, just in case i was a collector. I see so many possibilities to improve these Field Days.. so many ways to improve their attendance, they have beautiful grounds and pretty good looking buildings. Their advertising is top notch..and kids twelve and under could attend it is a bargain in the making for a day out if you have a number of children. They had a petting zoo..but there was no petting allowed if the animals owners weren’t there.. I was reckless and petted and scratched the goats and the miniature horses anyway. I didn’t see a woodshed out back:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    You were clearly disappointed (and rightly so) and feeling feisty (and hungry). Too bad it wasn’t as organized as it could have been to draw more people. Are you going to volunteer to be on the PR committee for next year’s event?

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