Wistful Wednesday: 1908

A penny postcard from 1908. Mailed from Park Rapids Minnesota to Linnell PO Minnesota. 

 Mailed to Meadys older brother Frank. Frank was the oldest boy in his family, I don’t know exactly when he was born..I am guessing 1886. ( his sister Amy was born in May of 1887) He would have been 22 in this photo. The other fellow in the photo is Far Guys Grandpa A he would have been 20 years old. They were both young neighbor men, working together. Having fun together too..you see they married each others sisters..Frank married Mae, Curtis married Meady. Frank and Mae never had children..they spoiled all three of Curtis and Meadys children.

Reverse side of the Penny Postcard

I chose this photo today, because of its date, August 31, 1908.. 101 years ago…farming was different back then! I love the fly net on the horse, in all the photos that I have..this is the only one with a fly net. I believe that they are pitching hay off the wagon. Are you old enough to remember hay stacks? I remember them..standing witness to hard work on the farm. If the hay mow in the barn was full, hay was stacked in a huge mound for the winter. Hay Stacks and Straw Stacks were off limits for us kids. It was animal food and bedding, if you thought it looked like a fun place to play..especially in the winter when it would be covered in snow and could possibly be a sledding hill ..you were mistaken:)

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