Curiosity: Zinnia Corner

On a stretch of road, just North and West of Glyndon, Minnesota on a corner someone has planted a bunch of Zinnias. The planting stretches North and West and makes a perfect backwards "L" on the corner. I have passed by these Zinnias for many Augusts now, always wishing I had a camera when they were in full bloom. Last week I had the camera, the photographs aren’t perfect..there was some kind of road construction happening. I would have loved to have wandered closer to this magnificent planting to capture the Zinnias up close and personal but I could not safely get too I settled for photos from a far away approach.

Now I wish I knew the why? Why does this farmer plant Zinnias? Is there some tragic romantic story or does he/she just like Zinnias? Maybe they read my blog, or maybe someone that reads knows the story. Maybe next time I will just have to stop by the farmhouse and say "Thanks, I have been enjoying your Zinnias for many years. Could you share their story with me? "

How many of you are curious? I have always been a curious person, never afraid to ask a question. Never afraid to learn something new. I just have to take the time to stop and ask the question. :)

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3 Responses to Curiosity: Zinnia Corner

  1. parade watcher says:

    That is the reason why I have zinnias in my garden for the last couple of years. I have driven by that corner for years and love it when that whole strip comes alive with blossoms.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    I don’t know you really, but from reading your blog so much I can tell you have gumption and courage so I know someday I will be reading the story behind the strip of zinnias. I look forward to reading it.

  3. buffalo gal says:

    I do not know the story of the zinnias but I know that Mark Vinz, poet and retired English prof. at MSUM took a picture of the same zinnia corner and used it on one of his poetry books in recent years. Since that time my friend Fran and I have called those flowers “Vinzinnias” !!!!
    I wonder if it is the Driscoll family that plants them? They have a greenhouse in the rural Glyndon area….but I am just guessing.
    I stopped there about 2 weeks ago and they were just starting to we have had some good rain again and I think they will be a lot more prolific the rest of the summer. Have to make another trip soon.
    Did you say that this zinnia place is at the corner of Clay County 11 and County 18???? Easy to find. But you have to approach from the south due to construction on 11 just north of that corner.

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