Tuesday Thoughts

Yesterday on the shores of Lake Beltaine, I watched a casket being lowered into the ground. I had never seen that before, sure you know it must eventually end up being lowered into the vault..but they actually did it during the graveside service. WHOA! The sight of that casket disappearing is pretty final. I did however think that having a cemetary on prime lakeshore property was pretty cool, even though the occupants were past viewing the view. Our friend died of a untreatable brain tumor at the age of 59. He knew back in June that his days were numbered, and there was a gathering one day in July on a Sunday…..he was there and very full of life..last week I heard that he was scared of death, and then he slipped into a coma.

The Funeral was painfully long, but there was a great Funeral Lunch. Again, we non Catholics were left in the dust because there was no printed order of service. Is this a normal occurance? Don’t they want anyone else to participate in their service? Why won’t they share??

The priest asked that everyone spit out their gum. Well far be it from me to be a rebel..and I would have complied if he had a note written in Hebrew from God. High Mass or whatever you call the long communion service without a stick of gum in your mouth was a little too much to ask. Besides that IF I was to have gotten rid of the gum..where exactly was I supposed to put it? I do not carry a hand bag..sure I had an emergency Kleenex down in my bra..was I supposed to put it there..or was I supposed to sneak it out of my mouth and attach it under the pew..or just tack it to the kneeling rail? Goodness sakes..he didn’t think that I should swallow it.. that wasn’t going to happen. After the service Far Guy said "Did you get rid of your gum?" he was sitting in the front pew because he was a Pallbearer..I was sitting in the last pew..the deemed spot for Pallbearers wives. I replied "Heck no, did you think I would?" Far Guy just shook his head.

This morning we breakfasted with an old friend, one that we met up with at yesterdays funeral. Life is a circle, and Tom is still circling. He exhausted me, Far Guy kept up with him in his own medicated way. I take no medications..therefore I started to weep. I wept for his children, who will never know what a marvelous gifted funny man their father was before Alcoholism and Manic Depression claimed him. He has a degree in Theology, he was a Pastor a long time ago. He says now he argues with God, as long as there is some communication with God..that is a good thing. He is homeless, but everywhere is his home, he has no regular job, he paints..he finds solace in the lines he makes on the walls with his painting tools. He writes, deep stuff, heart wrenching, soul searching, painfully truthful stuff..he has two manuscripts someplace..he said he doesn’t care where they are or if they are ever published, he said "Perhaps I will be famous someday after my death." Out in the parking lot he read to us from a well worn blue notebook..thoughts of the way things might have been. He might be famous someday ..I hugged him goodbye, and my tears still flowed. They fell like raindrops, heavy and wet..I must still have one lousy hormone acting up today.

I have to remember that God weaves the tapestry, and just because I don’t like the colors that he is weaving right now..it will still be a beautiful tapestry, I am just viewing it from my tiny little perspective..and God sees the entire thing.

Leaving the restaurant I encountered an old friend, she was forever changed the day that her son was killed in a tragic car accident. It is like that day was the day that she stopped living..since then she just exists. I think she is still mad at God.

I also encountered my parents as they were leaving the restaurant and they told me of the birth of my newest Great Niece early this morning.. Brooke Hazel.. a perfect little girl..a gift straight from God.

Life is a circle, some die and some are born, some laugh and some cry..we don’t know how many days we will be blessed with…so we better make the most of the ones that we have:)

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6 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. buffalo gal says:

    About getting rid of the gum at the Catholic Church yesterday: stick it under the pew!

  2. bb on8/25/ 2009 says:

    enjoy your blogs, but not your catholic comments…. you should never chew gum in any church, it`s very rude!!!!!

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    Hubby and I tell each other that every day, we don’t know how many days we have here and it took a long time to find each other so we want to make the best of what we do have. Very heartfelt post.

  4. Ann says:

    All my years in the Catholic Church and I missed the chewing gum comment. Must have been in the bathroom. At a Jewish funeral they also full in the dirt. By doing this it your last act you can do for the loved one. I’m glad your day end with good news. A baby always brighten my day.

  5. Charlene B says:

    Tom, now I understand….. I was wishing I had a piece of gum yesterday….I can’t carry a tune…especially ones I’m not familiar with….nice meeting Far Guy….good to see you Far Side.

  6. Sarah says:

    My husband was a funeral director in central mn. He had the pleasure of doing the funerals for the parents of my cousin by marriage. The family present stayed and watched the casket being lowered. When my husband died in June of 2007, I informed his boss (the funeral director) that I would be staying to watch. As it turned out, most everyone who had attended the graveside service stayed. I just needed to do the last step.

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