Shell Lake

A long time ago when I was a kid, on hot summer evenings our Mother would give into our pleas for a swim. Sometimes we would go to Shell the bend in the road where there are less weeds or the small resort or over to Bob and Ruby’s on the west side. Our Mother couldn’t swim, so we were always told "Don’t be going in over your head." There was no air conditioning back then, nights when there was no breeze made for a long miserable night.

We had a few warm days here..and several evenings we found our way to Shell the bend in the road. Chance was the only swimmer, I certainly did enjoy splashing water at Chance and wading knee deep in the water. We were the only ones times change..fifty years ago there would have been many kids swimming there. Sometimes there were so many that our Mother wouldn’t stop, because she might lose one of us amongst all the swimmers…so we would go back home and have to be content with playing water games with the water hose…not nearly as much fun as swimming.

There are quite a few places for sale over there, some of them need a lot of work.. I asked Far Guy if he would like to live there.."Nope" he has no need for a lake..he doesn’t fish, swim or even wade in the water..and looking at water doesn’t relax him a bit. I like to wade in the water, and I like to just sit on the edge of a dock and put my feet in the water and look out over the lake..I find it very relaxing.

Great Blue Heron, the heavy vegetative patch in the water is Wild Rice.

Shell Lake is much the same as it was fifty years ago..there are a few more reeds.. Wild Rice still grows there. There was more garbage on the shores of the lake, there were no boats out on the fishermen in sight. One evening there were a number of "fisherman" in the waterway down under the road with bows and arrows..shooting fish..seemed pretty strange to me:)


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3 Responses to Shell Lake

  1. GFBison says:

    Mom would take me and my four sisters to Cottonwood Lake (Central North Dakota) on many of those same hot summer evenings when I was a kid. After a hot day of work on the farm, nothing felt as good as those warm, weed infested, leech filled, blue-green waters!

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    I’m not a full-in the water type swimmer but I like to wade around and hang my feet off the dock too. I miss the old lake — the way it was.

  3. roxane s. says:

    I can still feel the squishy lake bottom on my toes! :)

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