August Wildflowers

I  have been out taking photographs of Wildflowers, here is what is blooming lately..

Hedge bindweed or Convolvulus sepium, at first glace you think my what a beautiful bloom, then you may notice that it’s foliage is hopelessly wound around something. This one was climbing up a compost pile.

Jewelweed or Impatiens capensis, this plant is also called the Spotted Touch Me Not. The ripe seedpods can explode when touched throwing seeds in all directions. We gave this plant a little haircut..and harvested some of the stalks for relatives that have Poison Ivy. It soothes the itching and helps to promote healing.

Hedge Nettle or Stachys palustris which is also called Common Woundwart, it is said to have been used to heal wounds.

Prairie Onion or Allium stellatum a true onion that is native to Minnesota.

Butter-And-Eggs or Linaria vulgaris. This plant is a pain in the butt, I find it very invasive. It grows very happily in my wildflower gardens. The huge Sphinx moth the one that looks like a hummingbird really likes this plant. It may be the only redeeming quality of this plant.

The Asters are just coming into bloom..a sure sign that Fall will be here soon..maybe it is already. We have pretty much had a non summer. Now if that means we will have a non winter..I am all for that! :)

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3 Responses to August Wildflowers

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    The Prairie Onion looks like wild onion I would pick in New Jersey, south Jersey in the country.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    eggs and butter looks like little wild snapdragons doesn’t it?

  3. Ann says:

    Jewel-weed was so much fun as a kid I remember we use to see if we got pick it with it snapping open. I show it to my grandchildren to see there surprise when it snapped open. I’ll have to tell them about the effect on poison ivy. Could have use that tip earlier this year.

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