You know..those things you aren’t supposed to talk about..

Did you wear a garter belt to hold up your nylon stockings? I did, you can imagine my embarrassment when I was all dolled up and at a dance..and the long blond hair on my legs were poking through my nylons. My blond hairs sparkled in the sunlight..they sparkled so much..I was sure that everyone that wasn’t blinded by the sparkling was laughing. For goodness sakes I could have curled that hair on my legs. The next day..I took my Dads razor and shaved my legs. My Mother said "Well, from now on you are stuck shaving your legs." Yup..shaving is better than curling, and way better than sparkling shining hairs poking through my nylons.

Are my seams straight? Those were words spoken often when you were in the company of other women. My Mothers sisters were so particular about their seams. Goodness sakes..their seams must be straight at all times.. crooked seams were not allowed. And runs..oh once they started..you had to stop them with nail polish..preferably CLEAR nail polish. Colored nail polish was a last resort. The nail polish always had to be applied while you were wearing the nylons. You could pick the excess polish off of your leg later. Runs in your nylons were a big embarrassment, and if that wasn’t bad enough, everyone would point it out to you "Hey, did you know you have a run?"

Those garter belts were a pain..sometimes you lost a garter and sometimes one would come unhooked, sometimes they pinched you when you sat down. Hooking up the back ones sometimes required some acrobatic movements. I never mourned the demise of the garter belt. Panyhose, what a great invention..but still an unmentionable. I kept all my unmentionables in my top dresser drawer …how about you?:)

All photos taken inside the old General Store called The Wallingford Grocery 1937 at the Lake Itasca Pioneers Farmers Show.

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3 Responses to Unmentionables

  1. buffalo gal says:

    Garter belts, ugh! I had one when I was in grade school that was like a horse harness and it got tangled up every time I took it off. When my mother would hear me throw it against a wall, she came upstairs to help me out so I could hold up my brown ribbed cotton long stockings in the winter!!!

  2. Ann says:

    No never had one. Guess I missed out on all that fun. Did buy myself a girdle in 11 or 12 grade. So I did get to wear nylons. No seams. Now I don’t own any. If someone can’t handle my bare legs to bad. Give me a pair of wool sock any day!

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    Sitting down while wearing garters would result in big indentations in my leg the shape of the garters. Those were the days!!

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