Up North

We are Up North…someone was in a pickle with daycare. At ten and almost eight they are too little to stay by themselves. BUT they don’t require much care either. Basically they just need a warm body..and Far Guy and I qualify.

We watched football practice this morning, and then we watched them mow the football field. These are things we never see back in the sticks where we live. I trimmed the roses out front and pulled some weeds. Noah and I went for a walk..I walked he rollerbladed. "Grandma did you rollerblade when you were a kid?" Nope..sorry they weren’t invented yet.. "Bummer." Noah told me this morning that he thinks he might be a Veterinarian when he grows up..cause animals always seem to like him. I told him that is because he is always so kind and gentle to animals.

Adam is in the "Why" stage..we did some reading out loud..he doesn’t try to make up words like his Mother did..but he struggles with sounding them out. Todays hard words were decorate and decision. He will begin second grade next week. I believe I was still reading "See Dick, see Jane, see Spot run." when I was his age. He doesn’t seem to enjoy reading..he is the first of our grands that is not a reader. He will probably be a famous writer someday.

I was really bored, so I went into the pantry and rearranged all the canned goods so they are all right side up and facing the right direction in neat rows. I have never had a can of Cream of Potato or Cream of Broccoli Soup in my pantry ..ever. I wonder what they use them in..and Spinach..I didn’t think anyone ever bought canned Spinach. :)

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5 Responses to Up North

  1. buffalo gal says:

    I like the phrase “Up North” One of my favorite picture books is titled “Up North At The Cabin” by a MN author whose name….wait I can recall it…Marsha Chall. The pictures are each like beautiful oil paintings. She did the artwork too.
    You are doing duty like I did in January….someone just has to be there for them and with them…otherwise they are pretty independent. Is Chance visiting Miney also????
    Or do I have the wrong daughter????

  2. homd says:

    I love your pictures, Far Side. Keep it up!

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    B Gal, Yes Chance is visiting Miney! :)

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Cream of Potato soup = Scalloped Potatoes? Augratin? Um…Potato and hame soup?

    Cream of Broccoli = Tuna hotdish???

    We used to eat canned spinach with liver and onions. Not the favorite meal night of the week for my siblings but I liked it.

    Your grands are such good kids. Sounds like you’re having a great time!

  5. East Side says:

    We are so grateful that you helped out, straightening the cans and even putting the peanut butter back in the wrong spot…

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