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Wistful Wednesday: Homecoming

Homecoming was a big deal back when I was in high school, we had contests, we decorated main street store windows, and designed and built floats out of hay wagons. The night before homecoming we had a huge bonfire. The … Continue reading

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Fall Projects: Update

One of our larger projects has been completed. The half log stair steps. They needed to be refinished. Ten years ago we sealed them with a product that was less than satisfactory for continual use. Besides that almost five years … Continue reading

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Chainsaw Art

Up here in the northwoods, we just may find beauty in what can be formed from a White Pine Log. I call it Art, no I do not like all of it, some of it is stiff and formal, well … Continue reading

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We have a new baby in our family, I have a new great-niece! Her name is Brooke, she has lots of blond hair..I finally got to see her and take some photographs. Tiny babies never cooperate, they always close their … Continue reading

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Obedient Plant

Physostegia virginiana, the obedient plant. There are two colors, white which is called ‘Crown of Snow’. My white ones bloomed in the middle of August. Pink which is called ‘Rose Queen’. And yes they are obedient.. they have the peculiar … Continue reading

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Odda “NO”

I am sure that poor Odda thinks that her name is Odda No, she is growing into a big beautiful lug. Chance and I have been helping out with her this week, checking to make sure she is safe, making … Continue reading

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Fall Color: Sept 23

Chance and I went out looking for some Fall color. We didn’t go far ..just down our drive. I took the three wheeler and Chance ran along. It is a pretty safe place to it is a private drive, … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Who?

Lots of times when I am going through old photographs they are not marked. Sometimes I can figure them out, sometimes not. Sometimes I have no clues. This is a photo of Andy. I was curious. Who was Andy..where does … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon

We went for a ride Sunday afternoon, it is one of my favorite things to do. Lots of times Chance and I go by ourselves, but since it was my birthday…Far Guy came along and drove. You never can tell … Continue reading

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Curiosity: Zinnia Corner: The Rest of the Story

A few weeks ago I did a blog about Zinnia Corner. Last Saturday I found out the rest of the story, I took the time to ask the question "Why do you plant those Zinnias on the corner?" We had … Continue reading

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