First Signs of Fall

One of the very first signs we get around here is a tree on the way to town. It is always the first to change color.. he will be done turning color soon and then he will drop his leaves to the ground and show off his naked branches first..I think he must be like a bratty little kid..thumbing his nose at summer and fall all at once. For years I thought this tree was under stress being so close to the highway..I always expected it to hasn’t. This photo was a little hard to get, there is no close approach to park safely..there was one in the vicinity so I pulled over and waited for the traffic to have a lull..then I pulled out and drove right up to the tree and stopped.. and took my photo.


Yesterday was really a strange day outside, it wasn’t cloudy but it wasn’t clear either. We finally decided that the air was so full of grain dust and dust from the fields that it was filtering out the sunlight. After supper of corn on the cob, peaches, a sandwich and our very first tomato of the summer or fall..the rest will probably never has been a lousy year for tomatos.. anyway Chance and I went for a drive. We went looking for Fall.

The bean fields have turned color. No traffic to bother with can just stop in the middle of the road.

Most of the small grain fields now look like this..and in this photo you can notice the Smoky Hills in the background and a little clue how they got their name. No traffic here either. There was some Duck Traffic..flying North.

This is the lowest I have seen the Shell River in years. We met one car along this road..we had to wait for his dust to settle to finish our photographs.

We enjoyed the sunset from the end of our driveway. It did look like a fall sunset, so as much as I hate to admit it..summer might be over, and fall might be here:)

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2 Responses to First Signs of Fall

  1. Ann says:

    The first thing I seen today when I pull out onto HWY 34 was a tree in bright fall colors. We have had one ripe tomato yet. When I vivisted down south I tryed green fryed tomatoes. So I started eating them that way. I pickle them and have a great bar recipe. I’ll share.

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    Far Side, viewing your photographs has been one of the high points of my day. Thank you for sharing them.

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