Sunflower Field

If you have been following my blog, you know I had some photographic wishes. The Sunflower field was one of them. One day on our way into town off of the main road we saw a field full of sun shiny yellow…what a sight for sore eyes. I got so excited I nearly peed my pants. There are only two very small fields of sunflowers in our area. I took these photos on August 16, 2009.


What a happy place to be!!

I wanted to be taller, I stood inside the car with the door open, hanging on to the roof rack..I really needed a step ladder. I was tempted to crawl up on top of the car..but I didn’t. Far Guy just said " Would you just be careful."

There were lots of bees, I am not nearly as afraid of them as I have been other years. I have taken lots of photos of bees this summer and luckily I have not been stung..yet. I have also managed to escape the Poison Ivy and except for that one almost I think he might have been dead snake in the road..I have not been dissolved into a crying, can’t breathe panic stricken Ophidiophobic. I have only suffered with my food allergies on one occasion all summer.. and that was a beautiful little strawberry..that caused me to breathe funny for awhile..but I was no where near death this time. So it was a pretty good summer. Back to the sunflowers..

I went back again on September 02, 2009 to the same field. What a difference seventeen days makes. There were still some bees..and lots of grain dust.. the cheerful yellow is almost gone.. I found it kind of sad. This time I was alone, so I tried my best to hold my camera high in the air instead of climbing all over the car:)

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4 Responses to Sunflower Field

  1. Ms. C says:

    Thank you for the sunflowers – it is a day brightener! :-)


  2. Abra La Mente says:

    Great shots! I especially like the way the yellow pops in the picture where most of the sunflowers are dreary…it is as if a couple of those sunflowers are saying: “I fight to the end!”

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    Wow, what a difference less than three weeks made in the vitality of the sunflowers. Aren’t you glad you got the photos at two different times?

  4. roxane s. says:

    Far Side, well, the first one was great, the second one took my breath away, the third one was phenomenal. I almost stopped on the way back from Minot day to shoot some sunflowers just before dusk. I’m jealous you actually took time to do it! The second set made me a bit sad. I know that the time of sunflowers and lilies and all of the lovely flowers that have permeated our spring and summer are folding up now, preparing for certain death. Makes me sad…but it’s inevitable. Thanks for the awesome view of the treat we’ve been offered! You have a great eye!

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