Fall Lists

Do you make lists? I do, and Far Guy does,sometimes he will add stuff to an old list just so he has many things that he can cross off. He did that yesterday. I read his list..and laughed..most of it had been done months ago. He makes his list on the computer and prints it out…now that is going a bit too far.

Full moon on September 04, 2009

I have to add something to my photography wish list.. I wish I could photograph a ____________. I don’t know what to wish for. Moose, Bear, Mountains, Great Lake.. any suggestions? Lightening, a rainbow, a double rainbow, a Flax field and a Beefalo calf are all still on my summer wish list. I am thinking maybe I need a Fall list.. and I should put away my summer wish list..I did manage to get that wonderful sunflower field. I attempted to photograph a lightening storm with no luck. The Beefalo calves are no longer cute and all legs, they only spent a few days in their front pasture. The Flax fields were non existent, and rainbows are few and far between this year.

Make it work!! Those doggone power lines are always in my way… Moon shot…this one made me smile. This would have turned out better but I don’t carry the tripod in the car.

Some of the things on my Fall work list :
Help Far Guy in refinishing the log steps. This is no small project either..and is already causing frustrations.

Repaint the very old dinette set. Big project..involves lots of sanding..etc..I am tired of the green that they are painted now..I have blue paint..but now I am thinking maybe I want them yellow or cream :( :( Far Guy just may kill me after he reads this..cobalt blue is his favorite color.

Touch up the front door. It needs just a little paint. No changing colors allowed!

Clean up my garage.

Wash all the windows and give them a coat of Glass Wax..it is a pain but I know it helps to keep them all cleaner when it rains/snows.

Fall work..stuff that makes my life easier or more enjoyable INSIDE during the winter:)


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2 Responses to Fall Lists

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Maybe it seems that the power lines are in the way but what a great photo, it makes it look like a ball balancing on a string.

  2. East Side says:

    The perfect tree, perhaps one that bleeds leaves or stretches its anorexic arms…

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