Cora’s Sunflower Success

You know the little white styrofoam cups that the teachers send home for Mother’s Day or near the last few days of school? The tiny little plant has almost stretched beyond it’s limits. Growing tall and spindly..trying to find the light? It sits on the window ledge at home, sometimes it drys out and sometimes it nearly drowns in waits until the threat of frost is over to be planted outside. It gets dumped out and little fingers press it into the soil and then drench it with water. And it grows…

Cora’s sunflower, she lives on a farm..they added a little fertilizer!!

I did find out from her Dad, Jim, that there are two types of Sunflowers, the oil ones which are usually black seeded ones used for oil and birdseed, and confectionery ones..these are the ones that we eat as a snack or use in baking, they are usually dark grey with a white stripe. Jim says that he is sure that Cora’s sunflowers are of the confectionery type. What ever type they are they were very tall and very healthy..and obviously a great success:)

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4 Responses to Cora’s Sunflower Success

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    These seem gigantic to my eye. I have seen some sunflowers having grown up in California, but not huge like this!

  2. geri w says:

    Good job Cora.

  3. Ann says:

    Thank You for sharing. The birds always plant a few sunflower at our home. Finally talk Dave into letting them grow. We had one in front of the house with 17 flowers on it.

  4. Kay Syvrud says:

    Great Mammoth sunflower Cora!

    I planted two kinds of smaller sunflowers this spring and now I have two boquets in the house of small deep wine colored sunflowers…they are fascinating. The others are the standard yellow ones with smaller blooms which seem to be forming the oil kind of seeds right now. The winds have been hard on them however….we have so little protection up on the Bluff!!!

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