Monday Morning Madness

Mondays, they are not my favorite day of the week. If I am unorganized on Monday, it seems to set the tone for the entire week. This morning was just one huge frustration..the &^%$#@ mail. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have a mail box out at the end of the drive, I would only have one at the post office and I would just pick it up once a month. Far Guy and Chance consider it their daily duty to go and get it and plop it on the dining room table or on the steps and leave it there. It does not seem to bother him, there can be three or four days worth of mail all stacked up and he doesn’t get the least bit excited. So I am the only one that shreds the junk mail, and puts the bills on the bulletin board and files important papers away.

Make some bird house out of old mailboxes.

I hate the bills that come that I have already paid, the ones where I have to call someone and say "I paid that bill on such and such a date." It wastes paper and postage and time on their part..on my part it is a waste of my time..but since they are idiots and have imbeciles working for them..I will waste my time calling to point out their inadequacies to them every time. I can be a real bitch.

Do you suppose you could get a months worth of mail in one of these old post office boxes??

Monday morning is usually a time where I corral Far Guy and get his plan for the week, this morning the phone kept ringing and he kept escaping in between phone calls, I practically had to tackle him to have our usual Monday Morning Meeting of great minds. It is important to me that we are both on the same page in the same book for the week. It was a struggle but we finally had our little meeting..success and only half the day is gone:)

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3 Responses to Monday Morning Madness

  1. buffalogal, says:

    What a great analogy…I am picturing YOU tackling FAR GUY and am in stitches! Chance would not put up with it if he is like our long gone darling Mac—-Mac used to go into attack mode if someone was perceived as threatening His Master!!!

  2. Far Guy says:

    Ah, so that’s what that was all about.

  3. East Side says:

    I love the mail. If it weren’t for the bills, I wouldn’t work.

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