Sunday Afternoon

We went for a ride Sunday afternoon, it is one of my favorite things to do. Lots of times Chance and I go by ourselves, but since it was my birthday…Far Guy came along and drove. You never can tell where we will end up. We headed west.

The Sumac is beautiful, did you know that Sumac in one form or another is found in all of the lower 48? It is the only species of tree or shrub that is Native to all of them. This is Smooth Sumac or Scarlet Sumac (Rhus glabra). You can chew the berries it will quench your can also steep the berries and make a drink.

We got lost, well not really. We knew we were still in Minnesota and still in Becker County..but when Far Guy said "I think we are headed North." And I was sure we were headed south… I began to wonder. We were on the opposite side of Pine Lake, there is a spot there overlooking the swamp and the lake where someone has built a log bench, where you can rest. The woods was quiet, there were no birds, the only sound was the wind in the trees and a few leaves falling to the ground.

We eventually found our way out, and took another road. There was a snake on that road sunning itself..I think Far Guy might have run right over it. I closed my eyes and swallowed a scream. I hope it is dead and not lurking in the undercarriage of my vehicle ready to drop onto the floor of my garage to scare me half to death. Anyway I am not going to travel that road again for awhile. We ended up at the North Side of Height of Land Lake. At the public access we allowed Chance out of the car and into the water.

Later in the day, my parents stopped by, it was too warm for them to work in the potato fields. They both drive trucks during the potato harvest. We went over to Josh and Missy’s to pick some sweetcorn, Josh is my oldest Nephew, he lives next door, they have two children, Mason and Anna..they stopped to have their photo taken with their Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

Missy has some beautiful Asters in her flower bed.. I think this one might be Aster ‘Alma Potschke’. It is a stunning Aster! So there you have it, a little look into our Sunday afternoon travels:)

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2 Responses to Sunday Afternoon

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    What a nice birthday drive. This is a nice photo of your folks too.

  2. prairiewomn says:

    I suppose the snake dropping on the garage floor would most certainly be better than having it crawl out from under the seat. :) I hate snakes too but I suppose they serve their purpose too.

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