Wistful Wednesday: Who?

Lots of times when I am going through old photographs they are not marked. Sometimes I can figure them out, sometimes not. Sometimes I have no clues.

This is a photo of Andy. I was curious. Who was Andy..where does he fit? On the front of the photo written in ink is "Andy and his car" On the back, "Andy is a 6 footer, on our driveway, he’ll be 21 Aug 17 so spose I’ll be looseing him someday as he’s got a gal." gal is underlined!

Through some research I did find out who he was, he is Loren Andrew Lemon Jr. and his Mother Florence (Graham) Lemon apparently wrote on the photo and mailed it to her sister in law Meady ( Far Guys Grandma). Probably with a letter, if she was that wordy on the back of the photo..just think what a treat old letters from her must have been. All of Flossies children, including Andy must have be born at home on the farm ( The farm that I grew up on. ) in all of the records that I have found it says born in Carsonville township. Well I am very familiar with the township, there is no hospital, no clinic..so it must have been a home birth.

Circles..sometimes I think these old photos are running me in circles. This photo was taken in 1955, perhaps in the spring. When I was zooming in on the photo to see if I could get a date off of the license plate ( I couldn’t ) ..I noticed a small child peeking out on the left side of the car. I will probably never find out who the small child was. I have no idea if Andy is still alive, or where he may live, if I did I would return the photo to him..let’s see he would be only 75 years old..:)

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4 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Who?

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Farside….I have just sneaked into the office and read the comments on MY blog. You encourage me to do more. I think that Chance was the real inspiration. When BG reads Chance’s blogs to me, I get so eagert to share my scoop on these blooming people I live with. They are pretty nice to me but I get a little sick of all their helicoptering over me, so scared of bald eagles and owls. I am sneaky cat personified…my wild mother taught me to stay undercover but that obsessive BG cannot get it thru her head. She thinks I am a child and not a cat and nothing can convince her. I do my best by killing mice andd eating their heads and leaving the back half for her on the steps or the deck. She freaks out but she still thinks I am human.

  2. dumbo says:

    The car appears to be a 532 or 54 Ford. From 1952 to 56 most of the changes were to the grill and taillights. I had a 52 and these taillights do not match those.

  3. Ann says:

    Dave’s mom had her first four children at home. Last two in hospital in DL.

  4. TechnoBabe says:

    Don’t you just love old photos? Back then when someone wrote on them? Wonder who the “gal” was.

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