Fall Color: Sept 23

Chance and I went out looking for some Fall color. We didn’t go far ..just down our drive. I took the three wheeler and Chance ran along. It is a pretty safe place to be..as it is a private drive, no one other than family or visitors should be on this road.

There were lots of deer tracks. Chance chased a Chipmunk. It chirped at him and he was off like a flash. He has good recall..most of the time..so if I holler "come" twice..he should return to me. If not I beep the horn..he knows he is in big trouble then. He is usually pretty good with me, he knows that I am not a pushover and if he doesn’t behave..next time he will stay at home. I know that some people use a leash with their ATVs, some dogs even ride on the back, with Chance we have always used it to run some of his excess energy off. Of course I don’t drive very fast anyway, Chance can run way faster than me. Yes, I just putz along.

We found a little color, the days have been unseasonably warm for September. I still have a few things blooming, I do anticipate a frost any day now. I am hoping for an extended Fall..like maybe right up until Christmas:)


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4 Responses to Fall Color: Sept 23

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Oooh….love those maple leaves turning colors. We only see yellow around here in the river bottoms…no maples and our white oaks just turn dirty brown and crispy. No reds or oranges. I want to plant one maple tree in the yard just for some bright fall colors.
    I am SO happy I bought 5 mum plants this spring…they are just glorious now and each one is a different color! Russet, bright yellow, lavender and pink/lavender. I am getting more next spring!!!
    Chance is the darling of my heart now…tell him I love him dearly. But never say a word to Miss Kitty—she is the darling cat in my life.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    We can always hope for an extended fall, but it doesn’t seem likely as quickly as it is cooling off here anyway.

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    B Gal, Red Oak leaves! These are on our drive, I would love to have some Maples..I should plant some as I love their color also! We don’t have very many Oak that color red in the area but there are a few! :)

  4. Ms. C says:

    Beautiful – the photos, Chance and the retelling of the outing. :-)

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