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Back to July Revealed

October 30, 2009    What is in the air?  Good guessing, nope not a hot tub room, exercise room, potting shed, boudoir, studio or even a love shack. It is a Sauna!  Our daughter and son in law no longer wanted … Continue reading

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Back to July

It is still raining this morning..Chance got all wet. So I am going to transport you through pictures to a greener time..last July. It is going to be a guessing game with the answer revealed pay attention. Relatives and … Continue reading

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Fall Whine

What a miserable month..rain and more rain..cloudy, dreary grey days..if it is not drizzling rain then the gale force winds move everything around so much you can’t take any decent photographs. What is there to take photographs of the … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: The Linnell School

The corner sits empty, the native grasses have taken seems lonely. The tall posts are remnants of a back stop from years ago when we used it as a ball field. Before it was a ball field it was … Continue reading

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The buses arrived, and the small children each with a white art project headband filed in and took their chairs. It is that time of year again..Fire Safety for the Head Start Class. Once their little squirming bodies are all … Continue reading

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A Birthday Party Fourty Five Years Ago

I am the oldest person in this photo, and my baby brother is the youngest. He was four years old back in 1964, and I was thirteen. Gosh that year we had sunshine on his birthday..not so much today. This … Continue reading

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Chance’s Birthday!

I wonder what it was like, if it was day or night, if he was born first or in the middle or was he the very last. Was he hind legs and butt first or did he enter the world … Continue reading

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Curiosity: Round Lake Historical Marker

Do you stop to read Historical Markers? Usually I can get Far Guy to stop, " Chance might need to be walked! " I am always curious about Historical Markers, I like to stop and read them. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do. ~Willa Cather, 1913 The Tamarack or’s scientific name is Larix laricina. It is a Northern, cold climate tree. It is … Continue reading

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This ‘n’ That

It is still raining up here, well it could be worse, it could be snow. I finally decided to just ignore it and go outdoors anyway..Chance and I looked like drowned rats. I hosted the cousins group here on Tuesday … Continue reading

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