Thursday Thoughts

I have lots of thoughts today. Some not very kind. Last weekend when it was lovely outdoors, we were out and about and saw some motorcycles. Some were riding crazy weaving in and out of the traffic lanes. Some were cut off by people in cars. It was freaking crazy. I don’t have very good thoughts about motorcycle riders without helmets. I don’t have good thoughts about motorcycles period. If you ride one, fine… wear a damn helmet, if you don’t then sign your donor card, and tell your family of your wishes. I cried when my son in law purchased a motorcycle, I told him if he ended up dead that I was going to be mad as hell at him, and it would take a really long time for me to forgive him and I was going to holler at him for a really long time. It will soon be too cold for him to ride said motorcycle to work, thank goodness for snow. My brother out in Oregon rides a motorcycle also..I try not to think about it. Donorcycles.

I think and pray for Mag, she has been waiting for over two years to get her new lungs. She had something terrible, a genetic disorder called Alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency, it was incurable. We always knew it would have to be another families bad day, every spring and summer I would tell her " Hang on kiddo, motorcycle accident season is here again." "Your beeper is going to go off one of these days, it has to." Mag is just 45, it was her birthday a week ago, and Tuesday she got two new lungs..she got her chance..she has my prayers, you can never give up..there is always hope. I always wondered if it was the Canadian health care/ transplant system that was taking so long. Now she has to suffer through rejection and recuperation..thank goodness for Facebook..our link for news.

The donor family, how do you ever say thank you to them. Thanks for a chance, without them there would be no hope for recovery. Their incredible sadness, must be tinged with a little spark of pride, in the gift of life that their loved ones offered. I think about them too.

What do you do when your child is hurting, sometimes you wish they were little again, when a kiss and a band aid would magically fix all their owies. When your kids grow older, the owies are sometimes massive, and no amount of kisses or band aids will help. My Cousin MJ must be feeling this way, her daughter is mourning her own daughters death from SIDs. Just two weeks old, a little girl, here one minute and gone back to heaven the next, suddenly without warning. The funeral was up in Alaska yesterday. I can only imagine the depth of their sadness, mother and grandmother grieving. I think and pray for comfort for them.

Thoughts..for the first day in October 2009. I usually can find humor in every situation..not so much today:(

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3 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. buffalogal says:

    My yuoungest son did a residency at the Regional Hospital in Fort Dodge Iowa back in the mid 1990’s. The ortho. and podiatric residents referred to motorcycles as O.R.T.A.’s (Orthopedic Resident Training Apparatus)
    My son has had to do amputations due to motorcyle accidents and my mother in law never got over the death of a young pregant woman who was killed in a motorcycle crash many years ago. My MIL was the admitting nurse at a large ER in central ND and had nightmares about certain things that came into the ER,

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    My hubby used ride before he was my hubby. Two accidents and lucked out that neither was life threatening, but got smart and gave it up. I am not anti-motorcycle, but if one chooses to ride, I would hope they would wear a helmet, know their surroundings, and just because they can weave in and out of traffic due to small size and quick speed, doesn’t mean they should….not too smart. I agree: sign your donor card (even if not a motorcyclist).

    We lost a special person in a traffic accident a number of years ago–she was a donor. While we don’t know who received her organs, I like to think the world is a little better for having a part of our angel still around. Can’t be expressed enough: sign that donor card!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hang in there and don’t worry about always finding humor. Go give Chance a hug

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