Years ago, probably around 1980 we bought a water bed, not a fancy one..just a regular big ole balloon filled with water. We were a water bed family, we bought the girls each one too..super singles. We have replaced our mattress many times over the past 29 years, never graduating to the one with baffles or soft sides. You get used to the sloshing and the times they are very comforting. It was also a heated waterbed, deliciously warm. Then one of us became menopausal, and fairly miserable, spending time out of the very warm bed, and on the couch. Almost always starting out in the bed , but still on the couch by morning. Then one of us started to have pain in his face, and became a very fitful sleeper with hips that hurt every morning. So we went together to two different bed stores..did you know that Vera Wang has her own mattress brand..well If you ask me no mattress is worth 2,ooo dollars.. If she were the only bed maker in America I would raise geese and save their feathers for a feather bed. Far Guy laid on one of her beds and said this is great, let’s take this was the first one he laid on. How typical is that? He moved on, I moved on, we tested a whole bunch, after awhile they all become a blur..Far Guy accused me of falling asleep on several occasions, I was just testing..he was like a jack in the box bed tester, he would holler from across the show room, "Hey Sleepyhead, get over here and try this one out." when I was just starting to get comfortable. All the salesmen were on him like a fly on shit. Sounded like a bunch of gobbly gook to me, coils, latex, memory foam.. I just want comfort and a good price. I don’t ever really want to know about the why..lets just cut to the chase, what is your best deal and you better deliver for free or the deal is off.

Now that the new bed is coming, the water bed must be drained. We finally figure out how we did it the last time when we refinished the waterbed frame. We want to use our frame. it has drawers underneath the bed frame. It also matches all our pine bedroom furniture. ( It only took us thirty five years of marriage to finally get a bedroom set where it ALL matched) Far Guy has measured, and he thinks we need to cut twelve inches off the sides and three inches off the ends. He must have looked at the measuring instrument incorrectly..cause when I looked at it..we only had to cut off three inches from the length. We work together well, and we finished hauling the pieces out to the workshop, cutting them off and carting them back in, and we had it all back together about five minutes before they delivered the mattress. Now would it fit.. YES…we must have measured right..finally.

Far Guy tried to nap, he just watched TV, Chance had a nap. Last night was the real test, I made it until five AM ..Far Guy said "Are you leaving me? " No, just the bed, I went to the couch, grabbed my blanket and slept like a log. Far Guy could have come out to the other couch instead he stayed the duration, and said " What have I done? That was like sleeping on a bed of nails." I told him it wasn’t that bad, it was kinda like a bed of roses with a few thorns. In a week or two we will be used to it, it will just take some time.:)

***All photographs taken at a friends, on September 15, 2009..she loves to weed!

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6 Responses to Beds

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    I think I would have the same problem transitioning from a regular mattress to a water bed. My friend had one when we were in high school and I didn’t like it. I guess you just have to get used to it.

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    I loved my waterbed, when we had it. I don’t even remember why we got rid of it…I think it was because I thought a different mattress would help my back…it didn’t. These days, I would be too hot at night for a waterbed.

    Your friend’s gardens are gorgeous!! My someday dream…but I doubt I would ever be diligent enough to keep them up.

  3. billybones says:

    next time….Beds By Design in Fargo. If it isn’t comfortable, they adjust it for you.
    i have back problems, got one of their beds, and do i ever sleep well.

  4. TechnoBabe says:

    We have a sleep comfort pick your number bed. I was doing so much work at a computer that there were times I could barely walk my back was sore. A good bed is like good shoes. You suffer if you don’t have the right fit. I so like the pictures of your friend’s yard and walkway and flower beds.

  5. Ms. C says:

    Ahh, water beds – I miss mine – it was a long time ago.

    Beautiful photos of the other beds – maybe not for sleeping, but indeed restful in their own way.


  6. buffalogal, says:

    Never had a waterbed; lay down on my nephew’s once and felt seasick. I like the Garfield (the cat) poster of him soaking wet with the caption “Never sharpen your claws on a waterbed” Be glad you did not own a snarky cat when you had your waterbed. I fear Miss Kitty would have done the same thing as Garfield if we had one!!!
    Good luck getting used to the new mattress!

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