Big Guy With An AXE

Where in the world is Chance now? I had him sit inside Paul Bunyans hand over at Akeley, Minnesota. This statue of Paul is just one of many that you will find in Minnesota. The legend of Paul and Babe using Minnesota for a playground, their footprints forming the depressions that filled with water and became the 10,000 lakes was always a favorite of mine.

Chance was not very happy, but he sat for a photo anyway.

When we were over at Hackensack, Minnesota I took a photo of Paul Bunyans Sweetheart, Lucette Diana Kensack. There is some argument between towns, Brainerd thinks his wife’s name was Pauline. Hackensack says "NO" they have proof as they have the marriage license. Poor Lucette, a few years back she lost her head in a storm..apparently the good citizens of Hackensack felt sorry for her and did a head reattachment.

Bemidji, July 03, 2009..most of our family!

Up in Bemidji you will find Paul and Babe the Blue Ox. He is stuck in time at the waterfront. I wonder if school children are still exposed to "Tall Tales"? I wondered what do my Grandchildren know about Paul Bunyan? So I called them and spoke to them individually..

The Question? What do you know about Paul Bunyan?

Savannah Age 13, He is very tall and has an ox that is blue. That ox was frozen that is why he is blue. They made the Grand Canyon and all the lakes in Minnesota.

Madison Age 11, He is a logger that carries an axe, the lakes were all formed out of his footprints. He has a blue ox named Babe that carries his luggage, and he can eat 10,000 pancakes for breakfast.

Paige Age 10, The Telephone Service or the big guy? (Their phone company is called Paul Bunyan) The big guy Paige… OK.. He is a lumberjack and has an axe. Babe is his buddy..that’s about all I know.

Noah Age 10, I know hardly anything, he has never really come up. He has an ox called Babe, a blue ox, and babe has a girlfriend and it is a cow.

Adam Age 8, He is a log chopper, he has a blue ox named Babe. Babe used to be white but he laid in the blue snow for five years and then turned blue.

I loved their answers, all individual, all different. Madison loves pancakes herself so that would be a bit of information that she would remember. She said "Thanks Grandma, for letting us be your suspects..I mean subjects. " Then I could hear Paige in the background hollering "What a suck up." While I was talking to Adam, I had a very hard time trying not to giggle.. he is such a cute storyteller. Thanks all did great! :)

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2 Responses to Big Guy With An AXE

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    Awesome! Thanks for involving your grandchildren and Chance. What a fun read. Sure hope you are compiling a book for them to read back in the future.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Great individual answers that your grandkids voiced. Chance doesn’t look like he minds posing by the way he is sitting and waiting in the photo. Nice post.

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