Big Hill Country Adventure

Yesterday, late in the afternoon we went on an adventure. Far Guy took me for a ride into "The Big Hill Country". I made the mistake of asking him where he thought the biggest hills were in our area, he used to deer hunt back in the big hills, and he knew where there used to be a pretty little lake. I have been north and south of the big hills but never through them. We took the pickup it has more clearance than the car, we might need it in the hills. ( For those of you familar with the area, we were south of Hwy #34, we went into the hills heading east off of the Pickerel Lake Road.)

I didn’t pack a snack or anything to drink, and we didn’t tell anyone where we were going.. I should have left a note on the table, next time I will. When I got into the truck I noticed a busted belt on my seat, I asked what does this belong too? Far Guy replied, "’To my truck, I think it is the air conditioning belt." You think? What if it is something more important? "Then we won’t make it very far." Alrighty then.

We went further and further into the woods, the road got very narrow. I think we might have been on a snowmobile/four wheeler trail.

There were big mud holes. Many of them….we went up one hill and down the other side into a mud hole. Far Guy says "I don’t remember the lake being this far back in here."

I said "I have no idea, but the road kinda resembles a footpath." Far Guy says "Oh well, we know where we are at and we are only two miles off the main road." There were huge rocks and roots in the road, it was becoming treacherous. I was getting nervous. We nearly got stuck in one mud hole, it was really deep. The road is getting rougher, I had unbuckled my seat belt so I could hang out the window and take some photographs. We are bouncing around so much, my head hits the roof of the truck..I should have worn a helmet. I started taking photographs..Far Guy said "What in the world are you taking photographs of? " I said, "I am establishing a record, when they find our bodies, they can look at the photographs, they will tell the story."

He finally said " I think we should turn around and go back." Really..ya think?? I helped to find a place without stumps, logs or rocks to turn around..not easy. Chance must have been listening, he is pretty smart. When we got turned around, we both breathed a sigh of relief..and Chance came out of the back seat, and into my lap, and then proceeded to wiggle himself down in between my legs and the dash, he wanted to hide on the floor where it was safe. We both started to giggle and couldn’t stop..laughter is sometimes a great stress reliever.

We made it back to the main trail ..what an adventure! We did come across a lake eventually, a number of them. Then we came across some private lakes and some farms..a very pretty area. We were on a road that we knew existed, just one we had never explored before. We made it back home well before dark. The sun might actually shine perhaps we will have another adventure to report on tomorrow:)

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2 Responses to Big Hill Country Adventure

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Your blog and pictures remind me of the trail into my Dad’s old deer camp. It was north off MN 113 and it wound thru the forest and up one hill that my Dad and his hunting buddies had named “Horseface Hill”. It always took hours to get all their stuff up the big Horseface when it was wet in November and they were hauling all their equipment into camp. The blog was a pleasant way to remember a lot of good times at the Deer Camp that was my Dad’s and his friends’ for so many years.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Good idea to work on the photo trail just in case…. What a great adventure. Maybe next time you should pack a picnic basket for you and hubby and one for Chance. Smile. I wish I could get my hubby to do adventures like that. Oh well, we had adventure enough just cleaning out the closet today! The pile for the yard sale is getting higher. The photos of your day trip are waaaaaay cool huh.

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