I say sNOw

Yesterday, the sun was shining, it was about time, it was our first day of sunshine in October. I loved it, I soaked up some rays..and captured some leaves.

Ah Fall..you have it all, beautiful colors, warm sunshine, blue skies…


In the afternoon, the snow clouds loomed on the horizon. Maybe they will go north, maybe they will track south..they might miss us…they might.. 

Last night it began to sNOw.

This morning, we have been transported from Fall into Winter. Just like that, yanked into winter, almost without warning. No I don’t like snow, or winter, it is way too early for winter to begin..I don’t have the lawn furniture put away yet..it just needed two days of sunshine to dry off. Two lousy days, and we just got one. I don’t have my parka out yet, I guess I will have to get it out..and those red crocs I really like..I guess those will have to be put away. I have had my snow boots out for a few days now, not in anticipation of snow, just because my feet got cold outside. What happened to global warming..it has not made it to Minnesota yet. It is exactly 30 degrees F (-1 C) out now, next February that will be a warm spell, I would be out there enjoying the warm balmy weather..not so much today:(

October, dreary cold rainy days = 8, sunny crisp days=1, first snowy day in progress.

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4 Responses to I say sNOw

  1. East Side says:

    Wow, I lied… I told Noah the first snow doesn’t stay. Our melted when it hit the ground.

  2. Ms. C says:

    Far Side ~ I hear ya’ – I am willing to contribute all the hot air I can to the situation, but somehow I don’t think that will be enough! :-(

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    We had snow during the night too and continuing into late morning today. I have my Uggs on today to keep my feet warm. I really like your photo of the different colored leaves laying around.

  4. buffalogal, says:

    Snow on the ground on Friday and Sat morning here also. The really weird thing when it began to swirl like a real winter blizzard, I was watching it happen against the background of dark green leaved oak trees! It was not “right” !!!!!

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