Old Bowls

I used to have a set of bowls just like this one. I loved to use the yellow one for serving a huge amount of mashed potatoes at family gatherings where I couldn’t just leave them in the pot that they were cooked and mashed in. The green one was the salad bowl. Sometimes it held coleslaw, sometimes a beautiful jello. The red one and the blue one I rarely used. Far Guys Mom always used her blue one, it is what she mixed her flour and water in to thicken her gravy.

Originally mine were found, at the resort. One thing that I didn’t mind doing was shopping at garage sales and thrift stores for accessories and good usable kitchen items for the eight kitchens. I hated cleaning those eight kitchens..but they were well equipped! This set of bowls was spread out in four different cottages. I eventually replaced this mixing bowl set with other suitable bowls and kept this set for myself. ( a CEO perk..LOL)

Fast forward many years, we are here and Far Guy and I cook a Thanksgiving dinner. I get out the yellow and green bowls, I have to dig into my storage boxes to find them. After the big dinner, I put the bowls on the shelf in the furnace room, I might need them again at Christmas. The next week Far Guy is being a carpenter upstairs, and I am helping him. We hear a terrible crash, the shelf came off of the wall and the entire furnace room was filled with broken glass. Not only my two special bowls..but a bottle of Windsor and a couple bottles of wine. ..a smelly, glassy mess. The house smelled like a brewery.

I now have two blue bowls. One is mine and one was Far Guys Mom’s, I still have my red one. I have always wanted to complete my set. I have seen this set in antique shops..usually they are priced around 100 dollars. This set was 39.95 did I buy it? No, Far Guy said I should have. I really do have more than enough bowls. I rarely cook anyway, and when I do, I just leave the pots filled with food on the stove..we rarely use serving bowls. Beside that I only needed the yellow and green bowls. I certainly didn’t need an extra red bowl, or an extra, extra blue bowl. So I passed them up, sometimes it is all about the hunt..and when it is time to go in for the kill..you say Hey..that was fun..cross that one off of the list OR what in the world do I need all those bowls for anyway? :)

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4 Responses to Old Bowls

  1. dewdrop says:

    The bowls brought back so many memories, my Mom had a set of these. Wish I knew what happened to them.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Sometimes you make way too much sense. Scary.

  3. buffalogal says:

    We got a set of these for a wedding present (1960) I still have two of them and use them for everything!!!
    I would like to have a complete set again because they are so useful.

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    I believe my Mom is now the proud owner of two of these sets – both complete. One was hers and one was Grandmas.

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