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It is still raining up here, well it could be worse, it could be snow. I finally decided to just ignore it and go outdoors anyway..Chance and I looked like drowned rats.

I hosted the cousins group here on Tuesday night. We have decided that our quilt squares this year will be redwork..and we will all use the same color red embroidery floss. Cousin Evelyn stamped all the squares for us, she brought her own iron. I got out my dusty old ironing board..I keep it stashed next to the was pathetically dusty. Good thing I got it out before everyone got here, since I had to vacuum it off. I made the Lemon Cake again ..and took some pumpkin bread out of the freezer. We made cards..I drive them nuts with this on going project..I give them buttons, a piece of paper and some embroidery floss..they have to design the front of a card, then I attach them to a piece of card stock .. instant card..Evelyn sends them off to cousins and Aunts or Uncles in the hospital. The biggest whiners, like cousin Hilda " I am no good at this card thing." Make the best cards. We should have enough until the next time we meet again at my house. Chance loved all the company, and kept sneaking down from upstairs..he and Far Guy were hiding up there.

Far Guy is reading a manuscript that was written by his bi polar friend. I started reading it too, it is pretty good, I was impressed. I have a hard time not editing it, not for misspelled words..although they irritate me, I look for continuity..and stuff that doesn’t make sense. Run on sentences don’t bother me a bit, or punctuation. I guess that is just how I read. This is a hand typed manuscript..Far Guy and I have mini reviews now that I am reading it, we have had some very interesting discussions. Tom left for Mississippi, he called the other day just to say "Hi" and tell Far Guy that he got his car out of hock. It will certainly make his life easier..he is a house painter..he can use his car to get around instead of the motor-home.

Yesterday we were we went into town to run a few errands. We stopped by two antique shops in town. Each delightful in their own way. The first one was free of dust, and the displays were perfect. I purchased a small box of black and white photographs. Then we went to the very large, dusty, unorganized shop..Linda ( I went to school with her) is a NUT..she had a huge box of black and whites just for me! What fun, looking at these old photos..I don’t know any of the people..but I find the photos interesting just the same. I now have photos from all over the United States..some even have names on them! I have started a new blog called Forgotten Old Photos..I will be writing about old photos and maybe even learning a thing or two. A new adventure for the winter!

We got an ad the other day in the mail, it was one of those you have won!! But what did you win?? You have to take your special key and your extra special secret number to the local Car dealership to claim your prize. The fishing rod, the big screen TV, the money or big drum roll..a car!! I won a fishing rod, I figured as much, they handed it over after I told them I was perfectly happy with my vehicle and had no intention of buying anything… I just stopped by for my prize.

I checked my email this morning, someone from Ghana has almost a million dollars that they just need a little help spending. They found my email address alongside the road.. in Africa.. funny..I wonder how it got there??

I have procrastinated so long that the sun is nearly blinded me..I am off to take photographs of the Larch ( Tamarack) :)

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2 Responses to This ‘n’ That

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    It has been raining here for days, but since I am still not feeling well with upset stomach and what is left of a head cold, I am enjoying the inside time and getting rest. You make a trip to a couple antique shops an adventure. Now I will be looking at the new blog for the black and white photos you post there.

  2. Abra says:

    Oh, how I love antique stores, but I just don’t stop often any more. I get to be like a kid in a candy store–wanting it all. I enjoyed stopping over at your old photos shop–what a great adventure that is going to be. I also checked out your photo blog site–another great trip.

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