Curiosity: Round Lake Historical Marker

Do you stop to read Historical Markers? Usually I can get Far Guy to stop, " Chance might need to be walked! " I am always curious about Historical Markers, I like to stop and read them. Imagine my surprise when I read this one, this is about twenty miles from our home.

Makes "What’s for dinner?" a big unanswered question. Maybe it is the other white/dark meat.

Who would have thunk it, not me. Some of the Chippewa were cannibals..but apparently it is just as taboo in their culture as ours. No I have not have my head stuck in the sand, I am sure this never came up in History Class. I do not recall this bit of information. I learned not to say "I do not know" from a Social Studies Teacher who I absolutely adored, because he actually taught you something IF you listened. His name was Harold Collins. His answer to an "I do not know" response was " That is INCORRECT, you knew at one point because I told you, you simply do not recall." He was a short , slight little man, with slicked back hair, and he had eyes in the back of his head, not really but it seemed like it, not much got by him in his classroom. He always wore a suit and usually a white shirt and a tie, and his shoes were always shined. He had energy and taught with his own style, continually questioning and trying to excite his students. He died a number of years ago..I do not recall how long ago. He was one of the only teachers I would have given you more than two cents for in our local school system, probably because he was actually teaching.

Round Lake, I will never look at it quite the same again. It was a nice day yesterday, the sun was out for a bit. Having the sun come out is now an ocassion here in Minnesota, as October has been very wet, cold and dreary:)

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4 Responses to Curiosity: Round Lake Historical Marker

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Historical markers are almost always of genuine interest to me. I knew as I was reading this marker that the cannibalism would not be condoned by the Indians. I am glad the notation is at the end of this marker about tracking down the perpetrators. You must be at a good time in your life to be able to stop and read things of interest and take photos and take car trips and visit family and friends. Your blog posts show your varied interests.

  2. Gwea says:

    You are sure right Mr Collins was in my book a great teacher be cause I could learn and can remember a lot of it to day. I wish more teacher would use his style. Student sure wouldn’t just sit like a bump on a log.

  3. buffalogal says:

    I llike those historical markers also and have always enjoyed the one at Bad Medicine Lake!

  4. abra la mente says:

    I do occasionally stop at historical markers, though not as often as I should, and usually when I am alone, or at least the driver. Like Farguy, my hubby doesn’t like to stop. Hubby’s not much fun on a road trip; his eye is always on the destination, while mine is on the experience. I always think road trip is the perfect reason to stop and learn about ‘local’ historical tidbits.

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