Chance’s Birthday!

I wonder what it was like, if it was day or night, if he was born first or in the middle or was he the very last. Was he hind legs and butt first or did he enter the world like a diver..with his little paws tucked by his head? Did he breathe and squeak right away.. or did his Mom have to rub him half to death with her rough tongue. Was it cold in the barn? At least it was dry, and safe. Those first few weeks of his life, the small children must have handled and played with him every day. He loves children, except when they cry, crying makes him nervous his ears go down and he moves away. That day in the barn when we went just to "look" he walked right up to Far Guy. The rest is history. As for his name, I had the name Chance picked out for a number of years..John Wayne had a dog named Chance in one of his movies. So he was named a long time before we actually got him. We were dog-less for three very miserable years, there is nothing worse than two dog people without one. He ended our dog-less life and our daughters finally got a brother.

Chance on December 26, 2004

A Chance Story: We got him on December 26, 2004, he was just eight weeks old. That next spring, he became a greenhouse dog, he would go back and forth between the two greenhouses. One day, I thought he was with Far Guy, and Far Guy thought he was with me..we started hollering..I blew my whistle ( Whistle means Come=Cookies). He was not showing up.. my heart was in my stomach..where could he be? Was he asleep someplace? Did we lock him in somewhere? He was nowhere to be found. Then I saw him at the edge of the driveway, all stretched out in a peculiar position. Far Guy said "OH SHIT, DID HE GET HIT BY A CAR? " Maybe, but he was moving. Far Guy ran, I kinda ran, I am not a good runner. Chance was stuck. He was definitely alive ..but stuck..trapped in a tomato cage.. one of those wire ones with a tapered end..he went in just fine..but couldn’t escape out the other end..he was too scared to back out. He was in a real pickle. He had managed to inch the cage out of the woods little by little..trying to get to us. Far Guy and I were his heroes, rescuing him from his unexpected confinement in a very evil tomato cage. Needless to say, we collected all the evil things and put them away in the grain bin. In retrospect it was pretty funny, at the time was not funny at all. He is not a very vocal dog, he never barks unless someone or something strange comes in the yard, he is not a yappy barker like the Shelties were. He is quiet, sometimes too quiet..although he does whine and cry and carry on like he has just lost his best friend when Far Guy leaves without him. It is so pathetic, and might even make me shed a tear or two..if it weren’t so over dramatic. He should be in the movies!

Chance in Duluth on October 12, 2009

Chance is a pretty lucky dog, we have the time to spend with him, to throw his ball for him and to take him on little adventures. We take him almost everywhere with us. He wakes up every morning, raring to go..excited just to be awake and more than happy to wake us up so the adventures can begin.

Chance on October 24, 2009

Today Chance is Five Years Old! We will probably take him into town to celebrate today,,possibly to his favorite place.. Burger King for some French Fries! He doesn’t get them very often, and when he does we make them last for about three days! :)

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9 Responses to Chance’s Birthday!

  1. Ms. C says:

    Happy B-day Chance! You are one good-looking fella'(and what an adorable puppy you were)!

    It is fabulous that you are so well-loved and cared for. Enjoy those fries…if you eat them on your birthday they are not fattening (it is true…I read it somewhere). :-)


  2. TechnoBabe says:

    What a great picture of Chance the day after Christmas 5 years ago. No wonder your heart melted. Happy Birthday, Chance, and have a french fry for me!!

  3. PrairieWoman says:

    Happy B’day Chance. It’s been great having you around on Areavoices. Take care of the Far People for us.

  4. buffalogal says:

    Dear Chance, this song’s for you:

    “Happy birthday to Chance,
    Happy birthday to Chance,
    Happy birthday, dear doggie,
    May I have the next dance?

    Your puppy picture looks just like our Mac’s puppy picture did, He was a handsome dude like you.
    Love from Buffalogal

  5. Gwea says:

    Happy Birthday Chance. Your looking great!

  6. Sarah says:

    Whose the Birthday Boy/dog? It is you. We love you too.
    Whose the Birthday Boy/dog? Chance is the one. He’s lots of fun!

    Well… I have previously warned you. I will officially be looking for my opportunity to kidnap Chance.

    Hmm…20 miles from Round Lake…..

  7. East Side says:

    My sheltie doesn’t bark unless she is with Chance… what a good role model.

  8. abra la mente says:

    Happy Birthday Chance! Hope you are getting spoiled rotten. :-)

  9. farside says:

    Sarah, There are a number of people that would like to have him for their very own dog! He is one of a kind!

    Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes..he loved his French Fries! :)

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