The buses arrived, and the small children each with a white art project headband filed in and took their chairs. It is that time of year again..Fire Safety for the Head Start Class. Once their little squirming bodies are all safely ensconced in a chair, Far Guy asks them "What do you do if your clothing is on fire?" They all holler back, "STOP, DROP and ROLL!!" Far Guy tells them that they should, never, ever play with matches, and that matches should be brought to Mom or Dad right away. Jerry and Far Guy get out the Medical Bag, they show the kids some of the stuff inside..they are most taken with the Pulse/ Oxygen meter, everyone wants to have it stuck on their finger. Far Guy puts all the gear on for them.. no one is bawling this year..hallelujah!

Far Guy dresses up the kids in his coat and his hat. The kids line up and have their pictures taken. For some this is a big step, it helps to make it all seem less scary.

The Chief arrives.. he gets all dressed up in his gear with the respirator. To small children, just the sound is sometimes scary. They all do great, we have one tiny little girl that is the Chief takes off his mask as she watches him.

Chance and I are sitting in the far corner, Chance has a few visitors..we are just observers today, just in case we need to help herd kids.

Day Light Savings time ends on November 1, remember to Fall Back and catch up on that hour of sleep that you lost last spring. This is also the reminder to put batteries on your grocery list. Your batteries in your smoke detectors should be changed this Sunday. Why? Because I said so!! Go through a mock fire drill at your house, meeting up at the designated safe spot outdoors and communicate with your children about Fire Safety.

Never leave space heaters unattended, and if you are leaving your house turn off your clothes dryer. Never throw in a load of clothing to dry..and then go to bed. My Son in Law did this..luckily he was able to get Savannah ( she was just a baby) out of the house and two of their dogs..poor Katie a Sheltie died and Caramel the kitty died from smoke inhalation. Very little was saved from inside that house.. it had smoke alarms..and a faulty dryer. Nothing quite brings it all into perspective until you see your Granddaughters high chair and car seat melted in place:(

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5 Responses to STOP, DROP and ROLL!!

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Amazing post. Right on too. Great photos of kids learning fire prevention. I showed hubby your words about faulty dryer. And he and now say we will not put clothes in the dryer when we leave the house or at night when we go to bed. I hope lots of people read this.

  2. Ann says:

    Tried to tell my hubby about the dryer. But he thinks I’m full of hot air. Are son would have lost every thing also because of a dryer he happen to be home and awake and got to it in time to save his trailer.

  3. Kay Syvrud says:

    Thanks for the good fire safety reminders. We all need a review pretty often!!! That Chance! He is a such a darling boy….the little girl is hugging him and cuddling in his fur…so sweet.

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Just face it Farside, you are just an ol’ softy deep down. That is one of the sweetest posts / events that I have read in a long time.

  5. Ms. C says:

    RIGHT ON! Spread the safety message!! :-)

    When I was a teen and quite sick at home, my mom ran to the store quickly to get something and came back to find the dryer on fire in the garage. I was still snoozing away in the house. Since that time that dryer was not left on at my mom’s house in her absence, nor at my house.

    The old adage, better safe than sorry, rings true.


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