Wistful Wednesday: The Linnell School

The corner sits empty, the native grasses have taken over..it seems lonely. The tall posts are remnants of a back stop from years ago when we used it as a ball field. Before it was a ball field it was a school yard. I remember the sounds of children playing outside during recess and lunch. I lived just kitty-corner from the old school, I wanted to go to school there, I could walk all by myself. I was a big girl, and I had been there many times. Sometimes we would be invited over for a Christmas Party or a program, sometimes I tried to sneak over there by myself. ..school.. I just knew it was going to be a magical place and I was going to love it. Sadly they built a new school and I had to ride a bus. The old school just sat there. After it was closed..we were forbidden from going there..but on several occasions it was just too tempting. I remember how the building echoed inside because it was empty, and how the floor was littered with broken glass.. it was finally torn down.


This photo was dated 1942, I have seen this photo before, but do you see those trees over to the right of the photo..that is where I used to live..holy cats!! Look at all the trees! The school was built in 1911, and remodeled in 1927. It was closed in 1957.


Far Guys Mom ( Evelyn) age 8 and Far Guys Uncle (Willard) age 6 went to school there, they lived just across the road from the school. This photograph was taken in 1923, or 1924. I believe it to be a 1923 photograph of just the Primary Students..that year they had two teachers.. Mary M. Lymburner and Mrs. Smith. I have retouched this copy of the photo..it is still not in the greatest shape..I have marked it with two little red dots just for the purpose of identifying Far Guys Mother and Uncle. Hazel Graham age 6, Morris Stephens age 7, Harry Klarer age 7 and Earl McGrane age 7 could also be in this photo. People who I knew as adults..but are impossible for me to recognize as children. They all appear on the class list in 1923.

Far Guys Mom taught at this school in 1940 before she was married. I am not sure how many years she taught there. I do recall her telling us that her Dad would walk with her on winter mornings and help her start the fire in the stove. She is also listed as teaching there in 1949 she was married by then and she may have..that was the year she was pregnant with Far Guy, he was born in early 1950..so I suppose having a new baby put the cabosh on teaching. I wonder what she did with Far Guys sister Jan? Possibly she spent the day at her Grandma and Grandpas across the road:)

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: The Linnell School

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Wow, Far Guy’s mom went to school there and then later she taught school there. And you were drawn there and wanted to go to school there. This really is wistful.

  2. abra la mente says:

    I love old school houses and the stories connected to them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. buffalogal says:

    I feel sad about the disappearances of the old schools; there used to be so many of them. My mother taught in many rural school districts before they all disappeared.

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