Fall Whine

What a miserable month..rain and more rain..cloudy, dreary grey days..if it is not drizzling rain then the gale force winds move everything around so much you can’t take any decent photographs. What is there to take photographs of anyway..frost..in the early mornings..check, brown leaves on the ground..check..brown leaves hanging in the trees ..check. I want my two or three weeks of Indian Summer and I want them NOW.

I was keeping track of rainy cold days..versus sun shine days..the sun is losing..it became so dismal I lost track. I got out my parka, and gloves. Every morning when you get up you have to turn the lights on..and they stay on most of the day.

We finished up most of the outdoor fall work.. I raked, I blew, I mulched leaves..the yard looked pretty good..then the wind blew and more leaves came down out of the trees. I knew it would happen.. I had hoped by mowing the yard really short that the leaves would keep on travelling into the woods. Years ago I used that technique to keep the leaves moving from a very manicured lawn in Moorhead. You would think it would work here too..but the woods has a never ending supply of leaves to drive me crazy with.

Far Guy and I washed windows, I use Glass Wax on the outside, so that the rain drops will shed off the windows. It is the pits to use, smelly..and you have to smear it on and then wait for it to dry and then buff like there is no tomorrow..or you will get streaks. Although streaks usually don’t show up unless there is sunshine.

I finally got all the lawn furniture dried out and put away for the winter. Chances pool was emptied..he was sad. Far Guy got out his special old pontoon cover to sling over the top of his Ferris Wheel Seat near the front door..gosh I hate that cover..blue..bright blue. Like death knolls..each of these covering ups, and putting aways…I don’t want to give up on Fall yet..it might stop raining..the sun may shine again someday..when it does come out, I am sure I will be blinded.

Oh ya and we get to Fall Back with the time change this Sunday..that means it gets dark at five o’clock in the afternoon. I am really looking forward to that with great anticipation.

Halloween, now that is something to look forward to..candy.. and little kids..we will get ten kids..and I will take their photographs…after that it will be November…one more month closer to spring:)

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5 Responses to Fall Whine

  1. dumbo says:

    Where do you get Glass Wax? I used to love the stuff. It got the windows clean and you could tell where you had smeared it on and where you had missed.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    Rain Rain go to Spain! It is falling steadily here also on the still green oak leaves…weird.
    I have two wet flowerpots full of silk colored leaves(the only ones to be seen around here) and one very wet pumpkin sitting forlornly on our back steps. We have had November already in October (November is the cloudiest month of the year…does that possibly mean we can have a whole month of sunshine and Indian summer????

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    That’s the way to look at it, one more month closer to spring! I like that. I am finally feeling better, flu bug is hitting the road. I did a few things around here today and actually have some energy. It is raining here most days too. Yesterday was awesome, sunny and up to 61 degrees. It rained all night last night with thunder and lightening and it is still raining. Oh well. It is still so much better than living in southern CA in drought!

  4. abra la mente says:

    Great fall pics, especially that close up of the frosty leaf.

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi ya Dumbo, I believe I got it at Ace hardware. It is a really old tin container..they may have discontinued it by now:)

    Thanks everyone for your comments:)

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