Back to July Revealed

October 30, 2009    What is in the air? 

Good guessing, nope not a hot tub room, exercise room, potting shed, boudoir, studio or even a love shack. It is a Sauna!  Our daughter and son in law no longer wanted they moved it to our yard. It caused quite the excitement in the neighborhood. My brother Jody offered to do the dirt work and the septic system in exchange for some Saunas! It does not have running water.. we sauna the old way..carrying a bucket of cold water, and a bucket of hot water. It is an electric sauna, you have to turn it on about an hour before you want to go and sweat. You throw cold water on the rocks to create steam.. when you have had enough you soap up and throw water over your body..or run to the house totally naked and take a shower! Twenty minutes in the Sauna burns as many calories as an hour of exercising..who woulda thunk it.

Dressing room

Lets go in!

Cedar Benches..and a water bucket..the brick on the rope is the counterweight that closes the door.

The electric sauna stove..the rocks heat up.. when you throw cold water on them they create hot steam.

I do love taking a sauna, when I was little it was what we did every Saturday night for our bath. Sauna night was an occasion. My brother and I would go, our Mom and Dad would scrub up our hair and make sure we were rinsed off really well and dressed in our Jammie’s and then we would trudge up the hill to Grandpas house. ( This Grandma ( my Fathers Mother) died when I was just three years old) While our parents were in the sauna, we helped our Grandpa set the table for coffee and we would play a game of checkers with him in the front room. We would never win those checker games either, but we had fun trying. When our parents came up to the house, we would have something that our Mother had baked..sometimes cookies, sometimes cake..sometimes fresh bread with butter.. and coffee in a saucer. I have been in many different saunas over the years, but that is the one that I think of when someone says "Sauna."

So Far Guy and I go to Sauna at least twice a week ..sometimes more. Chance waits patiently outside. Our sauna has two rooms, the dressing room and the sauna is pretty small..but it works great. We have steam wars..taking turns throwing water on the rocks. As with anything, you have to start out a little at a time. We need to look for an actual Sauna Thermometer..Far Guy has some wimpy thermometer in there.. I can’t see anything in there is way too warm to wear your glasses in the sauna. If someone wants to come to Sauna..bring your own cookies, and yes Far Guy and I will wear a towel to sauna:) 

Happy Snowy Halloween From Chance!



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4 Responses to Back to July Revealed

  1. abra la mente says:

    I have never used a sauna–my motto: if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the sauna. :-) My built in sauna is enough for me these days.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    It feels like a sauna in our house these days with the huge vaporizer going full blast 24/7. Probably going to destroy the computers and printers. Can’t see out the windows for the steam. But I like the story of the checkers and cookies. Your childhood stories sorta fill the void since I do not have any such childhood stories, I “share” yours.

  3. PrairieWoman says:

    TechnoBabe: what do you mean you don’t have any childhood stories? Maybe you just don’t like the ones you have and that’s cool too.

    Farside, I would love to take a sauna but, like Abra, I can’t take the heat. Makes me sick for days. That’s why I stay in the good ol’ upper plains.

    Happy Halloween to you too, Chance! Make sure to keep the spooks away from our Farhuman friends. :)

  4. Ineedacoolname says:

    When I was a kid we didn’t have a sauna — but Finnish friends, neighbors, and relatives did. Mom and I would sometimes pay 50cents to go to the local “bath house” in our small town. It seems those little local saunas eventually burned down. Maybe electric is safer! I loved the benches and old rag rugs covering the floor in the dressing rooms. I can relate to overheating in the sauna, though. Once at my aunt & uncles I heated it up and tried to be tough. I had to sit in the dressing room a long time before I felt well enough to leave. Fond memories, except for the getting sick part!

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