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 I have been using the Elliptical is a machine from hell..but it does provide me with low impact exercise. I can now do a 12 1/2 minute mile.. I may have some fat..but by golly it is going to … Continue reading

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Seamstress Project #1

I am not a seamstress..yet why do I think that I should be able to sew? Just because I was born female..I should be able to sew, cook, shop and talk on the phone..I am a failure..I have never been … Continue reading

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Four Seasons at Guyles Lake

Yes, we are supposed to have four seasons in Minnesota. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. It seems that old man Winter hogs a great share of the year..or perhaps I am just imagining that. One of my favorite places … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Report

We got snow on Wednesday morning..just in time for a white Thanksgiving..I do believe that this snow will be the one that is our third snow. We hurried off to my Dental appointment.. Root canals..what fun. I came home … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Wistful Wednesday : Thanksgiving

Old photos of Thanksgiving..boy they are few and far between. I did find a few..this is part of Far Guys family. His Great Uncle Frank, his Grandfather Curt, his Mother and his Great Aunt Mae. These are old Polaroids, taken … Continue reading

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Return To Swan Pond

One day this fall we were driving by Swan Pond..the Swans are gathering. I noticed a distinct separation of the Swans. A bunch of large adults were along one of the islands. Another group was swimming with their now grown … Continue reading

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The Red Bridge

When Far Guy was growing up..there was a bridge in town called the Red Bridge. Since I didn’t grow up in town I was not privy to the "townies" secret language. The old red bridge just exists in his mind..because … Continue reading

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Death in the email family

I have been communicating with an elderly gentleman for about three years by email. We met online, he loved jokes and had a wicked good sense of humor. He had been struggling with Alzheimer’s and health problems, I could tell … Continue reading

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Slaw Report

We will probably be known as the "slaw people" for awhile. The coleslaw was a hit. My Mother was the general, Far Guy was the gofer and I was the took about an hour and fifteen minutes to mix … Continue reading

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