Halloween Report

The moon was almost full, the leaves had a ghostly snow glow..ghosts and goblins scurried throughout the neighborhood.. the dog howled..we ran out of candy..we had so many Trick or Treater we didn’t know what to do.

Well not quite..the moon was almost full, there still is some snow on the ground..Chance loved all the Trick or Treaters..everyone one of them is his very best friend..he would like them all to stay forever and play ball 24/7. FIVE children, that is it..and we are related to all of them..in fact all of them live within walking distance for small children, old people and a dog. Chance was not the least bit scared of their costumes..throw the ball, throw the ball….sometimes a Border Collie can drive you almost nuts with a ball!

We gave away bags of candy to a very scary skeleton and his sister Curious George. The twins were Batman and a Red Devil and their sister we decided must have been a Hunter as she wore a little warm up suit that was camo..and warm! One Mom said "What do you say?" They said "Thank you?" I said how about "Trick or Treat! " Ya, ya..that’s it!!

There seems to be a little bit of controversy going around about Halloween. "The evil holiday." I am not sorry I get a kick out of seeing kids all dressed up, going door to door with their parents..hollering "Trick or Treat" at old people that hand out candy. What holiday is geared more to children and fantasy than Halloween. Imagination, kids think about their costumes, they talk about what they will be. They are so excited that they can hardly eat their supper..they talk about other kids costumes..they talk about the candy they got. It is all about interaction people..just think about how many people stayed home last night to give out candy..I bet some of those people were kids once too..that enjoyed a few Halloweens themselves. I refuse to see it as an evil holiday..I look forward to it every year..I look forward to seeing the children in their costumes..perhaps it is all about the giving of the candy, you want to give it all away..because if you don’t then you are stuck eating the left overs, and when you grow older you like to have company in the evening. Evil..I think not..parents spending an evening with their children..how could that be evil:)

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4 Responses to Halloween Report

  1. abra la mente says:

    Great update…cute, cute, cute kids, and yes…Halloween should be enjoyed! I will have my own Halloween updates later, but my darn computer has jinxed my blog writing twice already today, so I am going to have write in WORD & transfer. The best thoughts have probably been lost in those two attempts, however. :-(

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    I bet Chance did enjoy seeing the little trick or treat rugrats. We did too, we had more than last year but fortunately they got here before hubby ate all the candy.

  3. PrairieWoman says:

    Living in an apartment deprives me of the adventurous nature of trick treaters. I think over the years Halloween has lost its original luster and is now a shell of what it was once long ago. Kids have no idea why they are putting on costumes except it’s the rule; if you want candy you gotta wear a costume.

  4. Sarah says:

    Chance…. I read the disparaging remark Farside wrote about you. My home is ready for you, whenever you are ready to move. I love to throw balls.

    We only had 11 trick or treaters, and I personally knew 7 of them… Slow year for it being on a Saturday and relatively nice weather.

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