A Thousand Words: Fireman

I hope you remembered to change out those batteries in your smoke alarms. If not..this guy might visit you. He is a Daddy too in addition to being a Fireman..being a fireman is hot, filthy work..some times a little girl must just be content to just touch her Daddy’s helmet. Out here in the boonies, every time you do something stupid ..like starting your oven on fire ( I did that) someone must leave their home and time with their family to rescue you and your house. Did I just hear someone say.. "But that is their job" ..maybe in your area it is..out here they get paid $5.00 a call..or maybe it is up to $6.00 by now…which just helps cover expenses. Fireman..you gotta love them..and this one is one of the special ones..my nephew Josh:)


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3 Responses to A Thousand Words: Fireman

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I think the firemen in our area are all volunteer too. I didn’t know they were paid. There are so many volunteer fire department facilities and vehicles around here. Good post here and hello to you nephew, the fire fighter.

  2. buffalogal says:

    What a great tribute to the rural firemen in our communities. They serve without any sense of selfishness…just are willing to serve those who need them. We needed them once when one of our very small boys lit some matches near a haybale tucked into a window well on the side of our old house. We did not know it was smoldering til later and one of our walls was beginning to smolder….a very scary day and the rural firemen came to our rescue!!! But I slept on the floor that night with my hand on that wall to feel for any heat!!!

  3. Trouble400 says:

    Most of our area fire departments, both City and Rural, are volunteer departments. They are a great bunch. They can be jerks in their everyday lives, but once that beeper goes off, it is all business. I thank each and every one of them for their dedication and heart. I hope none ever get hurt. Though one took a nasty hit to his head last summer being a tornado tracker. The tornado caught him by surprise and put his truck and him into a highline pole. He wound up sore and with stitches in his head. But was back on duty 24 hours later. He was lucky, could have been worse. Totaled his truck. So they also do more than just fight fires. Stay safe firefighters. And Thank you.

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