Trapped and a Panhandler

Pop on over to West Side of Straight to see what Chance has been barking at during the evenings lately. We assumed it was just deer that had him agitated..and there are lots of deer moving around..but a neighbor Al got this in his live trap. Exciting happenings in the neighborhood!

The deer are really on the move, hunting season begins this weekend. My dad was out yesterday to check out the heater in his deer stand. I may join him some morning with my camera. I got this photo recently at the end of our driveway.

Speaking of Cameras…

I had something happen the other day..that has me bugged. We were in a large town about 90 miles away. We were getting off of the freeway..I saw a gentleman on the median with a sign.. I zoomed in on his sign..he apparently was offended with my photo we pulled along side of him he lowered his sign and scowled at me. If looks could have killed..I would be deader than a doornail. I have his full photo, I cropped this photo…he is well dressed..he did not look broke to me..but then again..IF he was.. why in the world would he be offended that I took his photo. Personally I think he was just making some pocket change..and he was captured on film red handed and was mad. HA! Far Guy of course took the stance that the guy was proud..too proud to have his photo taken. What do you all think..proud or just looking for pocket change?

This brings to mind an incident that happened last summer in a larger town in the northern part of the Red River Valley. We observed a switch out..where one pan handler handed off his sign to this a sign of the times? They were really working that corner. Do you ever give these people money? I never do..maybe if they had a white cane and a dog, or perhaps if they were playing music with a monkey on a leash:)

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5 Responses to Trapped and a Panhandler

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Thanks for the link, I checked out the bobcat. Yikes. Here kitty, here kitty. No way would I be comfortable seeing one in our little neighborhood only because there are so many children around. Hope Al sets the cat free way far from where you live.

  2. HOMD says:

    One of the local newspapers did a piece on panhandlers, and yes, some do team up and have “assigned” corners. They pool their money and get a room for the night. I guess it’s better than sleeping out in the cold. But somehow it seems dishonest.

  3. buffalogal says:

    I do not think the panhandlers are that bad off–I have seen them picked up by their friends at the end of the day in big expensive is a racket. Some of them were spotted in the evening at a gambling place. So much for “broke and traveling” They travel to bars and gambling spots with their daily collection of money. I never stop or give to any of them.
    Bob cat! One of my favorite childrens’ novels is HARRIS AND ME by Gary Paulsen a native Minnesotan who has made it big as a childrens author. In that story which takes place on a far northern MN farm in the summertime… their “pet cat” is a Lynx!!!!! The mom in the story calls him her “little baby cat” and just loves that Lynx to death. It is a story that adults would absolutely love…full of great humor.

  4. buffalogal says:

    Farside you MUST google this: “10 smartest and 10 dumbest dogs.” You won’t be surprised at all by the number 1 smartest dog breed but the others are really interesting as well. They go from 10 down to 1 in both smartest and dumbest dogs and the pictures are great. Do it and enjoy!!!

  5. Abra La Mente says:

    I don’t really see many panhandlers in our area and I don’t recall that I have ever donated when I did see them in big cities. It is hard to determine if and when they are a scam; personally, for me, it would be harder to ask for money from strangers than almost any activity I can think of.

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